This person was a ‘nominee’ Sword Son that had been chosen to participate at the Heavenly Dipper level in the battle of the sword range. This battle was considered as the most crucial of the three—if he won, it would secure their victory 100%. The only exception would be if one of the three major powers won two consecutive battles at the Yuanfu Realm before the third and final showdown. Zong Peng had always thought that after the battle, the title of Sword Son would fall to him. To think that it had now been given to an outsider.

Zong Peng’s prowess was extremely powerful, and there weren’t many Heavenly Dipper Sovereigns among the younger generations of the Zong Clan. Zong Peng was one of them, and with his remarkable proficiency in sword techniques, he was considered one of the stronger ones.

Zong Peng had already been in the Heavenly Dipper Realm for two years, and succeeded in condensing his fourth Astral Nova. His fourth Astral Soul originated from the 5th Heavenly Layer, and appeared to be a sword of shadows, without trace nor form, exuding a terrifying might.


He been planning to act against Qin Wentian, destroying his reputation and even issuing him a challenge. Since his character was despicable, Qin Wentian shattered his astral nova making him a cripple.

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