As someone extraordinary, I will surely become the sovereign of the skies in the immortal realms in the future. Nanfeng Yunxi, you possess the ancient phoenix bloodline—the two of us are a match made in heaven. Nanfeng Yunxi, if we mate, we will surely become the stuff of legends.
— Zhan Peng to Nanfeng Yunxi

Zhan Peng, ranked #7 in the Immortal Ascension Rankings, he came from a race of demonic avian beasts.


Zhan Peng’s character had always been one of aloofness and pride; he did whatever he desired, heedless of everything else.. He was a demonic bird from an ordinary species. Knowing how pure and first-class the Southern Phoenix bloodline was, he naturally lusted after it. He didn’t know his limits and his aspirations were higher than the heavens. He wanted nothing more than to slay the sky sovereign divine roc and to replace it as the real sovereign of the skies. Hence, he strongly felt that only Nanfeng Yunxi’s Southern Phoenix bloodline would be compatible for him, and that she should mate with him.

There was once a person who joked that this Zhan Peng was nothing but a chicken lusting after a phoenix, ignorant of the immensity of the heavens and earth. However, that person was then brutally murdered by Zhan Peng. From then on, everyone only dared to mock him in their hearts as nobody dared to underestimate Zhan Peng’s strength.

This Zhan Peng’s personality was filled with prejudice. He inherited this trait from his demon father. His father was an ordinary bird that cultivated into a demon emperor, ruling a certain region in the immortal realms. Not many dared to antagonize him, and he could also be considered somewhat of a legend

Demonic beasts and humans were different. Human stellar martial cultivators had to depend on their effort and luck to encounter good fortune to continue growing endlessly. Their comprehension abilities might also grow stronger depending on what sort of good fortune they meet. However, the comprehension abilities and insight of demonic beasts were fixed at the moment of their birth. A divine bird was a divine bird, and for ordinary birds…no matter how hard they tried, it was still impossible for them to become a roc or a phoenix.

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