Zai Jiang is the former Sacred Emperor of the Royal Sacred Sect. When the Royal Sacred Sect was at war with the Medicine Sovereign Valley and were unable to seek an advantage, he returned to the world along with Immortal Han to wipe out the Medicine Sovereign Valley.


The man in the lead projected an awe-inspiring imposingness and looked to be around forty to fifty years of age. This person was none other than the previous Sacred Emperor of the Royal Sacred Sect.


The old Sacred Emperor had joined a power in the immortal realms and hasn’t returned for a very long time. If it wasn’t because the Royal Sacred Sect was facing an unprecedented challenge today, they would never have disturbed the old Sacred Emperor. After all, the old Sacred Emperor has already entered the immortal realms, he would no longer care about things in the Royal Sacred Region as his heart was set on pursuing a higher martial peak. 

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