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She's the last descendant of the Xia Clan, the royal family of Grand Xia. Her wish is for the nine traitorous clans to fall.


Clad in snow-white robes.The robes covering her body complemented the fairness of her skin. Her pearly-white complexion appeared temptingly soft, as if a slight touch could melt it away like snow.

She was emanating traces of coldness, and her demeanor resembled Qing`er somewhat, yet different at the same time. Qing`er had the aloofness of a quiet and innocent heart, but this maiden had the aloofness of a snow lotus blooming on a harsh, icy mountain. Yet, the level of her beauty was beyond description, Qing`er was slightly more appealing in looks, the difference was truly slight. After all, a female that he could unconsciously compare to Qing`er, that already showed how outstanding her looks were. The beauty in front of his eyes, could at most be considered a higher level when compared to Ouyang Ting, unable to exceed Mo Qingcheng nor Qing`er.


Cultivation Progress Level Chapter
Yuanfu Realm 8th 313
Yuanfu Realm 9th 334
Heavenly Dipper Realm 1st 398
Heavenly Dipper Realm 4th 558
Celestial Phenomenon Realm 1019


  • Heavenly Swordplay (Ultimate Art of Grand Xia)