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He used to be a disciple of the Sunmoon Sacred Mountain.

He was the one who lied being the successor of the Time King. [1]

He will later be revealed that he is the reincarnation body of Godking Gu.



A young world overlord in long robes with pictures of the sun and moon embroidered on it.

Moon God

His countenance was exceptionally pale, like the flesh of a corpse. He looked somewhat horrifying. His smile made many people uncomfortable, it exuded evil.


He seems gentleman but he's in fact someone who was truly scheming to the extreme, sinister and hypocrite.


He was the one who faked being the one who comprehended the Time Monument Inscription and the one who was told that the Time King will be waiting for him.[1]

He originally already has an impressive background and most probably, he chose to falsely claim that he gained the favor of the Time King because he wanted to rise up in the Mystic Region, gaining the favor of the various major powers. However, there is a risk to this too. He became the focal point of the entire convention. Characters from the major powers all went over to speak to him. Some congratulated him, some admired him, some wanted to recruit him. He also became close to Donghuang Ying because of that event and even hinted her that he would agree of them being together.

When he discovered that Qin Wentian may be the one who truly managed to comprehend the Time Monument Inscription he try to provoke him so he could kill him in battle. He even attacked Luoshen Lei to provoke him. He got his duel but was defeated.[2]

His result was good and he was accepted as a formal disciple of the Ziwei Divine Court even though he had lost against Qin Wentian. He headed to the Ziwei Divine Court after leaving the Time Realm. In a few months worth of time, he passed all the tests there and was now a disciple of a heavenly deity. For a period of time, he became the young man with the strongest background in the Mystic Region. He was incomparably glorious and many were filled with envy for him. Not long after this news was circulated out, Yue Changkong actually was allowed entry back into the Time Realm again. For a heavenly deity's disciple, exceptions naturally could be made. His purpose in coming back was to broach the subject of marriage to the Donghuang Clan. He wanted to marry Donghuang Ying and the Donghuang Clan immediately accepted it. They quickly became intimate after that.[3]

Yue Changkong plotted with the Dragon Pool Manor to kill Qin Wentian once more, nearly having him dead as well as many of his friends like Jun Mengchen, Nanfeng Yaoyue, Little Rascal, Purgatory and Beiming Youhuang.[4] When Qin Wentian exited the Time Realm, he immediately went to massacre the Dragon Pool Manor accompanied by Luoshen Lei.[5] Yue Changkong came interfere once more.[6] But things didn't go well for him and the fact that he was a scammer was exposed. He was forced back to the Ziwei Heavenly Court where he was tortured and humiliated.[7] They kept his life. But his personnality changed for the worst, becoming more and more sinister.[8]

In the World of Reincarnation, he chose to cultivate an evil art, he even devoured and killed his martial uncle and senior apprentice brothers.[9] He even killed Lifeless and many people. Becoming terryfing. In that world, Yue Changkong completely unleashed the evilness in his nature.[10] Even if he had to sacrifice the lives of countless innocents, he didn't feel guilty at all. He had completely lost his humanity. Such a dao was truly terrifying. But he will before the end of the trial be killed by Qin Wentian who was mad with rage when he avenged Luoshen Lei.[11] At the end of the trial, Yue Changkong and all the others came back to life. Coming back to life was obviously a happy thing for him, but his martial uncle and apprentices also came back to him with murderous intent.[12] In the end, his master chose to spare him for his own scheme.[13]

After Yue Changkong came back from the world of reincarnation, he used the principles of the evil art he learned there and practiced it using the countless lives of innocents from the Eastern Royal Heavens Immortal Realms.[14] His master tried to kill him after that but he was instead devoured by Yue Changkong.[15]

After this, Yue Changkong boldly went to the Ziwei Divine Court. It's said that a deity-level battle erupted in the Ziwei Divine Court and after the battle, Yue Changkong officially took over the position his master had in the Sect and became a heavenly deity of the Ziwei Divine Court, one of the controllers there. This caused another round of commotion. Nobody knew what the exact situation was when Yue Changkong entered the Ziwei Divine Court, but the Ziwei Divine Court actually chose to allow him to be a part of them.[16]


Cultivation Realm Chapter
World Overlord 1787
Heavenly Deity 1873
Godking 1996

World Heart

World Heart - Moon Radiance :  In his heart domain, a powerful binding force manifested. Everything in his heart domain became immobile, no one weaker than him would be able to do anything if they were caught within it. This has already exceeded the limits of spatial binding. In the domain generated by Yue Changkong's world heart, everything came to a halt.


  • Ziwei Divine Art



  • 月长空 Yue Changkong literally means Moon, Vast Sky.
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