Ye Wuque of the Ye Clan. He's ranked #5 among the Ten Prodigies as well as Bai Autumn Snow's new fiancée.


The one on the right was clad in green and looked slightly younger than 20. Possessing inconceivable good looks, his hair draped over his shoulders, and his eyes were extremely clear and sharp. From his attitude, we could see he was an extremely proud and arrogant man.

He, who was handsome and extraordinary, naturally made him the focal point of attention for many other young ladies. With such good looks, he wouldn’t lack admirers, and in the Royal Academy, there were even several ladies that had taken the initiative to woo him.

And yet, to Ye Wuque who only seek perfection, only Mo Qingcheng was worthy enough to pair with him. However, Mo Qingcheng had never shown any sign of interest nor given him any encouragement. He had once wanted to woo Mo Qingcheng, but obviously, he had failed. Despite this, he had gradually accepted the fact that he’d failed as he witnessed the other elites also failing one by one when they tried to woo Mo Qingcheng.

In Ye Wuque’s eyes, Autumn Snow naturally could not hold a candle to Mo Qingcheng, not to mention the fact that Autumn Snow was already a genius that had fallen. As to whether Autumn Snow could still become his woman, he would still need to reconsider.


Cultivation Lv. Chapter
Yuanfu Realm 1st 90
Yuanfu Realm 2nd 193


  • Wu Que stands for flawless. Ye WuQue = Flawless one from the Ye Clan
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