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Ye Qingyun is the emperor of the Ye Country.

He was poisoned in a plot to take him down, however was saved by the combined efforts of Mo Qingcheng and Qin Wentian. After noticing the countenance of Qin Wentian, he adopted him. He also asked him if he could make him the Crown Prince of Ye Country but got refused, Qin Wentian having ambitions outside of Ye. [1]

Later on, the Plum Mountain Sword Sovereigness forced him to practically maim himself to give her a treasure that had melded with him.


The Human Emperor of the Ye Country unconsciously radiated a sense of imposingness. A few strands of silver threaded conspicuously through his headful of black hair.


Cultivation Realm Lv. Chapter
Celestial Phenomenon 7th 533
Celestial Phenomenon 9th 1214


The Human Emperor of Ye, Ye Qingyun was truly a legend back in his days. Initially, he was looked down upon by all but the instant he rose up, his radiance was so intense that it illuminated the entire skies. He, Ye Qingyun buried over tens of geniuses from his own royal clan and finally taking the head of the absolute genius, the Heaven Chosen from the Royal Clan named Ye Tianxiang before the intense inter-killing stopped. The Human Emperor back then anointed him as the crown prince, to become his successor. And after that, the genius with overwhelming talent, the Qi King, or the proud and haughty Su King, all could only bow before his might. They didn’t even dare to harbor any thoughts of stealing the position of crown prince away, resulting in peace for years until Ye Qingyun ascended, and became the Human Emperor of this generation.

The Human Emperor of Ye, Ye Qingyun, was once someone unknown, until a certain point in time two hundred years ago, after that fateful event at the Immortal Martial Realm. After that, his name had been engraved at the most dazzling position—number one in the entire Immortal Martial Realm. From then on, he’d rapidly soared top, enjoying a meteoric rise that was envied by every genius in Ye. In the end, they all banded together and sought to kill him, only to be entirely annihilated within a single battle. Ye Qingyun took the heads of the various geniuses of the Ye Royal Clan and entered the Royal Palace, coming out only after the then Human Emperor named him the crown prince.

Ye Qingyun’s path to the top was basically unblockable. Even though he was embroiled in many bloody storms, he’d never once suffered a defeat. This made many speculate that back when the Human Emperor, Ye Qingyun, stepped into the Immortal Martial Realm, he must have met with a fortunate encounter which formed the basis of his transformation, which led to the success he had today. And this matter was kept a secret until recently, after the Human Emperor was poisoned before the word leaked out. 

However, although the Human Emperor Ye Qingyun was a legend, all his heirs are useless trash that couldn’t inherit even the slightest bit of his capabilities. Or maybe, the rumors back then were true. In the past, Ye Qingyun was able to rise up so abruptly was all because he had a miraculous encounter. Initially, his original talent was nothing outstanding, he only rose all the way to the top after that. Hence, maybe this was the reason why his heirs are all so average. In comparison, the son of Qi King, Ye Kongfan, was clearly born with extraordinary talent and was even regarded highly by the Violet Thunder Sect. With the backing of one of the nine great sects, the Qi King finally saw glimpses of an opportunity.


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  • Chapter 535
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