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A pair of phoenix eyes, and brows like the touch of a willow. Her features were exquisite to the extreme and her skin seemed so soft that it would break with a single touch. She gave off a feeling of absolute charm.

She was extremely alluring to the max. Her waist was as lithe as a water snake, she was able to mesmerize people with a single glance. Ordinary people would definitely fall for her. She was only wearing a simple and flimsy looking red dress which further accentuated her perfect figure. She From vision angle, you could see the whiteness of her twin peaks. It was simply mesmerizing to the extreme. She was was still considered quite tall for a woman. She had perfect proportions and was definitely considered an excellent specimen of a woman. 


Ye Qianyu has always done whatever she wanted to. She had no trepidations. But she was truly very intelligent.


Ye Qianyu was the Night Empyrean's daughter and her enemy was two out of the nine empyreans under the Lifelong Realmlord. The Lifire Palace and the nine monarchs under it had once worked together to kill her entire family. She naturally had to take revenge. So she became a bandit to follow the footsteps of her father.

Back then after the Night Empyrean was killed, nobody knew that he had a daughter. It should have been at that time then when Ye Qianyu used her astonishing talent and beauty to join the Red Dust Immortal Palace.


Cultivation Realm Chapter
Middle Stage - Immortal Emperor


Heavenly Deity


  • Ye Qianyu (夜千羽): Surname is 夜 = Night, 千 = Thousand, 羽 = Feather. Put together it is Night Thousand Feather.
  • She's the number one beauty in Heavenly City
  • She's the fifth woman with whom Qin Wentian had intercourse. Ch. 1670