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Yan Yuruo is the third princess of the Blackstone Devil Sect. After having teased, played, threatened, Qin Wentian refers her as Devilish Female Woman.


Yan Yuruo was clad in robes of pristine white, has long fair legs, a delicate and beautiful figure. She is definitely be a beauty with an extremely alluring figure. Her looks contained traces of grace and exquisiteness, exuding grace and charm, her legs were exquisitely long. Other than this, there was also a devilish aura of experts from the devil path, causing one to feel a sense of distance.

Qin Wentian had met many girls before in the Blackstone Devil Sect, and among those, Lu Xuejia was the most beautiful with an extraordinary air. But if just based on looks alone, this third princess was even more outstanding than her. Also, the coldness radiating from her wasn't an ordinary one, but one borne of pride.


Qin Wentian met Yan Yuruo at Myriad Devil Island after he defeated Zong Yan, the third devil general. Yan Yuruo was curious about him, so she set a banquet and made him go against the first devil general, Xuan Ting.

After the banquet she had a private talk with Qin Wentian. At first she was angry because he was using Eye of truth to her, asking why, Wentian replied that he was always fond of admiring beautiful women, as she was rare beauty and Wentian being a common man, he will naturally admire her. As finding that she's not believing it, Wentian teased her, stretching his hand at her hands which made her frown as eyes gleamed with sharpness.

She stared at him and asked if he really thinks she's pretty flashing a beautiful smile. Qin Wentian stared at her and thinking that the expression of this girl change quickly. The princess said that she has no fiance yet making Qin Wentian feel chilled as he retracted his hands immediately. The princess continued and acted being angry while saying/asking if he's afraid and doesn't dare to hold her hand any longer. Qin Wentian laughed, while saying that she's underestimating his resistance to beauties, he put his hands around her waist allowing her to lie down on his thighs. Staring at her beautiful face, Qin Wentian smiled, and said "Princess, your body is so soft to the touch." Wentian lowered his head as thought he wanted to kiss her. The princess trembled and leapt up quickly making her flustered. She stood up and ran like a scared Kitten. As she was never been touched by a man she was teased by her father, making her face more red as tomato, later after Qin Wentian left.

Later after the banquet the first general, Xuan Ting invites Wentian to a spar, which was won by Qin Wentian as he became the new first general. Knowing his strength Yan Yuruo is planning on how to make Qin Wentian stay with her to make him help her at something. 

Later when Qin Wentian was trying to use his status as first devil general finding his scattered friends, which lead him finding only one which is Qi Da, he asked help to the princess but in exchange he must be her escort. She asked if will he stays if she helps him find his friends. Wentian replied that he will eventually breakthrough and leave as he has no reason to stay. The Princess said "What if the reason is me?" with her eyes turned gentle filled with anticipation while staring at him. Such expression caused Qin Wentian's heart to tremble for a moment. He silently mused at how terrifying this woman was. "Is princess fond of me?" said Qin Wentian sa he stepped out, placing his hands around her waist and leaned in to kiss her. "If you let me down, my father will definitely kill you." The princess spoke, causing Qin Wentian to be so frightened that he hurriedly retreated. "Why? Didn't you even have the guts to touch me? I thought you were very gutsy?" The devilish female laughed."Princess must be joking." Qin Wentian showed an awkward smile. This devilish female was truly ruthless enough. "Do I look like I'm joking? Qin Wentian, come with me to see my father now. How about we choose a good date. If you wish to conduct those 'important' couple things with me in advance, I wouldn't mind as well." The princess gently spoke. Qin Wentian clasped his hands hurriedly, "Princess I, Qin, still have some matters to settle. I will bid my farewell now." As he ran the princess shouted "Coward" - (Chapter 1246)

After some days, the third princess sent an invitation over. Qin Wentian rejected it...shocking everyone in the first devil palace as they marveled in their hearts at how domineering this first devil general was. However the servant girl who came to deliver the invitation said that there was news with regards to the matter he was interested about. Qin Wentian could only shake his head and eventually left with the servant girl.

As he arrived at front of her courtyard Qin Wentian stepped forward with difficulty, entering the courtyard. After that, he only saw a delicate frame of alluringness lying on a soft mat, that pair of snow-white legs shining with a luster that would cause lust to stir in the hearts of any men. The princess smiled at Qin Wentian, her eyes radiating charm as she stared at him while asking, "You even dared to touch me before this. Why? You don't dare to look now?"

"Princess, don't you know that you would cause men to lose control?" Qin Wentian had a bitter smile on his face.

After bout of Teasing, threatening with each other the whole Blackstone Island, one of the island in Myriad Devil Island, know about the relationship between them, thanks to the Princess as she spread more and more of this kinds of rumors which made Qin Wentian helpless.

Later Qin Wentian to help her shield against her self-proclaimed fiance, son of Black Jiao Devil King, as it was a deal between since she agreed to help him find his friend. But her father, the Blackstone Devil King, was not aware of this deal as he already accepted him as Son-In-Law which make Qin Wentian feel helpless. The Blackstone Devil King even gave the the jade slip which contain "Immortal Devil Transformation" as a dowry making him more helpless and thought that he should really find a way to escape after all of things he needed to to.

Later after the promise was accomplished he asked what will she say to the devil king about the matter between him and her. The princess said "Why? You have already accepted the dowry and even sullied my innocence and you wish to abandon me now?" as her countenance regained her original loftiness. Her alluring figure stood before Qin Wentian, exuding a mesmerizing aura. It was extremely difficult to match her with that charming woman who constantly clung to Qin Wentian.

"Sullied your innocence? Princess please don't malign me." Qin Wentian didn't know whether he should cry or laugh. It was his innocence that was sullied.

"In any case, we already have a close physical relationship, I have never been so intimate with any man before. Am I really that ugly, causing you to have no desire whatsoever?" Yan Yuruo lowered her head, adopting a pitiful look. She walked over and lightly leaned against him, with and expression as though she has been wronged.

"Wentian, I want to be your woman." The devilish female gently spoke, lightly hugging Qin Wentian. Her alluring body pressed into his, causing Qin Wentian's heart to burn with desire as he almost collapsed. Ah...who would be able to handle this devilish female? - Chapter 1251.