This supreme crown prince was none other than the Crown Prince Yan of the Senluo Immortal Empire, with the title Yama King. He is one of those pursuing Xu Qingyao.

In the City of Ancient Emperors, the Yama King, Crown Prince Yan Luowang of the Senluo Immortal Empire, was publicly acknowledged to be one of the strongest individuals here in the City of Ancient Emperors. His combat prowess was unrivalled, none can stand against him. There were once where some peak-stage immortal kings that had dared to compete against him for some treasures and they were all killed with a single strike from him. His strength was basically on a different level, and he was exceedingly famous with everyone knowing him in the central regions of the immortal realms. Although his talent was extraordinary, he was just too arrogant and had no one in his eyes.


  • Asura Prison : ability to create a zone of negation where other laws would be heavily suppressed. With no way to connect to the astral constellations in the nine heavenly layers, opponents trapped within the Asura Prison could only wait for death.
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