Xuan Yan, ranked seventeenth on the Heavenly Fate Ranking, a Heaven's Chosen and Princess from the Mystic Maiden Palace.


She was born to a major power with a silver spoon in her mouth, and had outstanding talent. As the apple of her Clan’s eyes, she was sent to the Mystic Maiden Palace to cultivate and had never ever lacked cultivation resources before. The sect pitted her against countless opponents of the younger generations, and she had prevailed all the way to the end before gaining the title of ‘Princess’ in the Mystic Maiden Palace. All this wouldn’t be possible without talent, and of course, the resoluteness in her heart. 


She appear for the first time at the Heavenly Stele Platform. She was against Xuan Xin being with Fan Le.

After having being rescued by Chu Mang in the Vermilion Bird Formation from Yao Jun and faced Chen Wang together, they will start interact with each other more and more and will fell in love with each other. And they will marry some time after.

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