This silhouette was that of a majestic expert. Just merely standing there, that expert radiated a prestige and might belonging to emperors and kings, unexcelled in this world.


Xuan Yang and Xuan Xing’s father was the extremely famous Xuan Emperor. Not only was the Xuan Emperor at the immortal emperor level, he has very high attainments in divine inscriptions to the extent that he could even reverse the heavens and earth. Xuan Yang had no interest in divine inscriptions and was only interested in increasing his personal strength. Xuan Xing was different, he inherited the talent of his father in the dao of divine inscriptions and was even more powerful compared to some divine inscriptionists of the elder generations.

The Xuan Emperor depended on his Heavenly Mystic Mirror Art to achieve an insanely powerful defense, but in turn, it was hard for him to overwhelm others. There was no way the Xuan Emperor could rank equally alongside with those supreme characters whose names truly rocked the realms. 


  • Heavenly Mystic Mirror Art :  The supreme mystical art created by Emperor Xuan. It reflects the enemy attack on the enemy.
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