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She was extremely beautiful and just a glance at her was sufficient to sense the aura of nobility. This woman was able to cause the beauty of the moon to pale. Her graceful figure was perfectly accentuated by her clothing, she also had a flawless countenance that could only be described as stunning. 


Xu Qingyao was a mid-stage immortal king and she was at the peak-phase of it. She was a top-tier beauty in the central regions. Not only was she beautiful, her talent is shockingly high as well, causing many males to hold her in envy, and invoking jealousy in other females.

She was actually proficient in illusory techniques. Her charm and her beauty were part of the illusion-scape, causing people to fall into it easily. Xu Qingyao had an extraordinary background. Her parents were immortal emperors. Her illusory abilities were inherited from her mother and as for that heaven shattering finger, it was an ultimate technique created by her father. When that technique was cultivated to the limits, the user would be able to shatter the dome of the heavens


Cultivation Realm Stage Chapter
Immortal King Middle 1472
Immortal King Peak 1490