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Lodge lord, I've seen for myself how glorious he looks on the battlefield. At that time, he was only at the seventh-level and he fought equally against Huang Shatian. I've even witnessed him in his injured state, obliterating three great devil kings! Right now, I've personally seen him bringing the Vast Sky Devil Emperor and his army over here, killing the Old Xia Devil King and he came to the Celestial Devil Lodge to bring me away. All this, is already enough. One day, he would definitely sit on the throne of the highest peaks, ruling everyone down below. At that time, the people of the world would all envy and admire the women beside him, but I know that I am not qualified to be one of those women.[1]
— Xin Yu to Mo Ji about Qin Wentian


A voice filled with alluringness. She had a pair of extremely beautiful eyes, as pure as jade and filled with a hint of shyness. Especially so when he saw her face, her beauty made him somewhat unable to contain himself. Those eyes seemed to contain a magical power, causing him to be unable to shift his gaze away.

The woman's voice was soft and gentle, her eyes were filled with incomparable charm.


To heal Qin Wentian from his coma and injuries, she had intercourse with him sacrificing her cultivation due to the effect of the Mercury Lady Devil Art.[2] Even though she loves him, she think she's not worthy of him. She thus chose to not follow him.


Cultivation Realm Lv.


Devil Foundation 9th 1256
Devil Foundation 1st 1279



  • She's the second woman with who Qin Wentian had intercourse.


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