He had a sword-angled brow and a demonic charm to his demeanour. 


Governor Xiao is the youngest governor here in Lifelong City. He is a peak-level genius nurtured wholeheartedly by the peak power, the Sword Spirit Sect. His arrogance is famous in Lifelong City but he truly has the power to back it up. Even the Grand Governor regards him highly. This Xiao Yu doesn't even need to give the Grand Governor Face. The Realmlord has also praised him in the past. That's the reason why the troops led by him were all as arrogant as him.

He wasn't only arrogant, but he is also extremely lustful with many beauties around him. In the past, he forced a clan to marry their young miss as a concubine to him. Up till now, Xiao Yu had not taken an official wife yet. He only accepted concubines. He already has over ten concubines and all of them were young misses from major powers that were extremely beautiful as well. He felt that ordinary beauties weren't worthy to even become one of his concubines. In his perspective, he was still far from his peak. In the future, his wife truly had to be a transcendent beauty.

.This was a genius from the Sword Spirit Sect. The Sword Spirit Sect nurtured him fully, pushing him to a governor's position but it was clear the ambitions of the Sword Spirit Sect didn't stop here. They wanted the position of one of the nine world palace lords and this wasn't impossible for them. Throughout history, many major powers of Lifelong City had contended for one of the nine esteemed positions and many of them had succeeded before.

Before he obtained the position, Governor Xiao had challenged all 36 governors and he only lost three rounds. At that time, Governor Xiao had just broken through to the peak-stage of the emperor realm and already could have such a radiant battle achievements. His deeds shook the entire city for a period of time and even caused the Lifelong Saint Hall to notice him. You must know that all 36 governors of Lifelong City are all extremely powerful peak-stage immortal emperors.


He was challenged by Qin Wentian when he came to Lifelong City to gain fame and made his face known. He defeated Xiao Yu, using him as his stepping stone.

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