Xiao Lengyue was the leader of the Xiao Sect, the first sect that Qin Wentian and Jun Mengchen joined when they entered into the City of Ancient Emperors. She recruited Qin Wentian due to his proficiency with Inscriptions, though she only wanted him to help her attain the treasure. When Qin Wentian got the treasure, she then tried to pressure him to give it to her and eventually outright betrayed him. This led to head merging the Xiao Sect with the Twin Stars Alliance, as her and Xuan Yang attempted to get the God's Hand and eventually led to her joining the Violet Sect in a bid to get Zi Daoyang to beat Qin Wentian and wrestle the technique for her. After his defeat, she even urged the Violet Emperor Sect to take revenge for him, which became one of the reasons for turmoil in the Eastern Region.


This female was clad in tight-fitting clothes, accentuating her curves and giving off the sensation that she was filled with vibrancy. She was so beautiful to the extent that no one dared to look in her beautiful eyes directly.

Her skin was as fair as snow, so tender that it seemed it would break with a single touch. Her aura was one of boundless grace and the moment she appeared, countless gazes were immediately attracted to her as though everyone had forgotten about other things.

Although Xiao Lengyue was beautiful, she was too scheming. The people beside her were all male geniuses and there was no doubt she was using them, albeit the fact that they were willing to be used.


She’s the daughter of Xiao Emperor and is a famous beauty from the western region of the immortal realms. Her cultivation base is naturally the same as her peers - at the ninth level of Celestial Phenomenon. She was ranked 6th of the Immortal Ascension Rankings. 

It’s rumored that after her ranking in the Immortal Ascension Rankings was surpassed by Princess Qing`er, she was extremely unhappy and wanted to look for Princess Qing`er to fight it out, proving that her strength was superior. However, Princess Qing`er couldn’t be bothered, she was not interested at all. The two of them had never met before and Xiao Lengyue is now currently searching everywhere for Princess Qing`er.


  • Art of Grand Freezing
  • Frozen Extermination Finger


  • 萧冷月 Xiao Lengyue. Xiao is surname, Lengyue translates directly into Cold Moon
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