Worryfree City is the first city that Qin Wentian arrived up upon leaving the Royal Sacred Region. It is here that Bai Wuya inducts him into the Heavenly Talisman Realm. When Qin Wentian almost kills Jiang Kuang, he's forced to leave the city with the remnants of the Qin Clan.


Worryfree City had a radius of a hundred thousand kilometers and billions of lives within. This was simply a staggering number. Worryfree City was merely one of several hundreds of cities within Jiangling Country. The numbers here directly crushed the Royal Sacred Region’s. The size of a single country was a few hundred times larger than the particle world he came from and places like cities were only formed when there was a mass of people gathered. The vast majority of land were wilderness like the mountains and rivers.

Let alone for a country, the land size was inconceivable. There were a total of eighty one countries in the Cloud Prefecture and if the Royal Sacred Region was to fit in here. It would merely be the size of an ant.


Immorseize Residence

The Immorseize Residence is a unique gambling grounds, that would set up a gambling session once every seven days. Those who lose must honor their bets, there are no exceptions. Every seven days, the gambling grounds would take out a valuable treasure and announce it to the outside world. For those who want to acquire the treasure, they only need to register using something worth 10% of the treasure offered.

This was where the Immorseize Residence excelled at, they were able to get items that others could not. Everyone knew about the profits they were making but they were still willing to dive right in.

The competition they suggest would absolutely be fair. But there would also be times where it was exceedingly cruel, the losers have to honor their bets no matter what. This two words, ‘Immorseize Residence,’ have caused the death of many participants before

City Lord Manor



Han Luo ch. 745

  • son of the commander of the troops stationed in Worryfree City
  • fifth level of Celestial Phenomenon
  • from commanding garrison

Zhao Yuyan ch. 745

  • pretty woman that exuded an extraordinary demeanor
  • female heaven chosen of the Golden Armor Sect
  • Zhao Yuyan’s master is the supreme elder of the Golden Armor Sect, Golden Armor Immortal.
  • Her sect is one that’s at the peak of divine weapon forging in the Worryfree City.
  • her attainments in divine inscriptions are very high as well.
  • fourth level of Celestial Phenomenon

Jiang Feng ch. 745

  • young master of the Fall Kill Sect.
  • fourth-level ascendant
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