A woman with a veil on her face. The woman was currently stroking the strings of her zither, producing that marvelous music. It was like there was no distractions in her heart and all that exists now is just both her and her music.

Although her face was masked, her countenance was beautiful. She was in white and now, underneath the moonlight, she seemed like a goddess making this place even more beautiful than paradise. Only with a pure state of heart, would such beautiful music be produced.

Her beautiful eyes that were like the beauty which could only be found in poetry. Her smile was pure and clean, and there were no hints of complexity in her eyes.


She don't like to cultivate because she feel there's no need for competition. Also, a majority of the people here dislike her music. Zhiyin loved the arts of music, books and chess

In fact, many people don't even know about her existence. For those in the same generation as her, plenty of them look down on her.


Cultivation Progress Stage Chapter
Immortal Foundation 9th 1331
Immortal King Initial 1354


  • 知音 Zhiyin can be translated to both knowing music/soulmate.
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