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The Violet Emperor was clad in violet robes, he had a lanky figure and his eyes shone with a faint violet light. The imposingness he exuded was extremely intense and this time around


The Violet Emperor is one of the strongest immortal emperors at the peak of their cultivation in the immortal realms. It goes without saying how powerful his cultivation arts and innate techniques are. 

Even when the Eastern Sage, Xuan and Xiao Immortal Emperors are added together, their strength still cannot be equal to the Violet Emperor. Under the Violet Emperor, he has subordinates on the level of the Xuan and Xiao Emperor. Such a character would certainly have great ambitions


Zi Daoyang's death evidently affected the Violet Emperor's emotions. In addition to his failure to invade the Myriad Devil Island, and Qing`er's attitude towards Zi Daoyang in the City of Ancient Emperors, it's understandable why the Violet Emperor is in a bad mood. He even implicated Qin Wentian, wanting his head because he was the reason why he's son was injured leading later to Mo Xie ambushing and killing his son.

Naturally, the start of all this was Xiao Lengyue. The Violet Emperor has investigated Zi Daoyang's death, and naturally he did ask a few questions from her. Because of her hatred, Xiao Lengyue said many things that were disadvantageous about Qin Wentian to the Violet Emperor. In fact, she even pushed the blame to Qing`er. This was the reason why the Violet Emperor ignored giving face to the Evergreen Immortal Emperor, and directly sent Zi Daolong and the immortal kings here.


  • Violet Saint Immortal Art—it contains a boundless might and can boost one’s whole strength to an unfathomable extent, capable of breaking through anything. It’s one of the two famed ultimate arts of the Violet Emperor
  • Thousand Autumns Emperor Art : a mystical onslaught. Not only could it defend against powerful attacks, it could even reverse an opponent’s attacks back on others.