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Unmatched Realm—the Sacred land of the Azure Continent. Whether it was the Heavenly Fate Ranking or the Heavenly Dipper Ranking, the majority of rankers who earned a place on those lists would most assuredly have entered the ‘Unmatched Realm’ before!

The Unmatched Realm—a place for cultivators wishing to be unmatched by all in the Azure Continent. And not just those from the Azure Continent, experts from the younger generation belonging to the transcendent powers of the other continents would make their way here as well. All of them had a single objective—to be accepted as a disciple under the elders existing in the Unmatched Realm.

In the Unmatched Realm, there were several cave dwellings, each occupied with the old eccentrics and elders that chose to reside there.

Entrance Test

To enter the Unmatched Realm, you need to pass an individual test. They're a total of ten checkpoints. The longer they stayed within the illusory city, the more checkpoints they would be able to break through. The number of checkpoints broken through was an indicator of how outstanding that cultivator was.

After breaking through the checkpoints, if the old eccentrics showed up, this meant that they were interested in taking that particular testee as a disciple. Very often, the old eccentrics of the Unmatched Realm wouldn’t appear. At most, they would only get the cultivators to go pay them a visit. The only exception to this rule: when the testee proved to be beyond talented, so much so that all the old eccentrics were forced to sit up and give recognition on their arrival!

The old eccentrics of the Unmatched Realm were all extremely lazy people. Some of them couldn't even be bothered to accept any disciples. To them, allowing the cultivators of the younger generation to cultivate with them was already an act of kindness. There were many who had the qualifications to enter the Unmatched Realm, yet their level of talent was insufficient for them to be taken as disciples by the old eccentrics here.

The old eccentrics of the Unmatched Realm were all undoubtedly formidable powerhouses. This was also the reason why so many talented geniuses tended to gather here in the Azure Continent.

Results mentionned


Halls Checkpoints
Yun Mengyi 36 10
Situ Po 36 10
Qin Wentian 36 10
Qin Zheng 36
Lin Haotian 13
Wang Xiao 3+2
Chu Mang 2 6
Fan Le 2 7
Ouyang Ting 0