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Every one hundred years, the Southern Phoenix Clan selects thirty-six of the most outstanding individuals to become the holy maidens. Within a hundred years, if a holy maiden fails to ascend to immortality, her qualifications as a holy maiden would then be stripped away. And when the hundred-year-period comes to an end, the holy maidens need to undergo a test to determine who will become a core member. The selected core member will be protected by the other holy maidens and gain the title of Holy Successor, while the other holy maidens will be known as the Dao-Protector Holy Maidens. The Holy Successor will be the future successor of Matriarch Southern Phoenix.

There are many holy maidens, but every hundred years, only one Holy Successor is born. The holy maidens need to undergo many trials, and enter the inheritance ancestral lands of the Southern Phoenix Clan. Only the ancestral lands can determine the next Holy Successor; The holy maidens need the escort and protection of any helpers they choose while in the ancestral lands. Only nine among thirty-six holy maidens will be qualified to take part in further trials.

In the Southern Phoenix Clan, when one becomes the Holy Successor, her status would instantly be elevated to a level higher than everyone else. She would even have the authority to mobilize immortal king experts. For such glory, it was natural that the competition would be intense.


The Southern Phoenix Clan was presided and governed by the Southern Phoenix Matriarch, and divided into several factions. The holy maidens might have the Southern Phoenix Matriarch's blood in their veins, but they were all from different factions. And out of the thirty-six maidens, only one could become the Holy Successor. This would be an indication of that particular faction's potential.

In future, when the Holy Successor ascended to the position of the Southern Phoenix Martriach, her faction would be the one that ruled the entire Southern Phoenix Clan. Hence, the selection of the Holy Successor every one hundred years was an event that received high importance from their clan.


Holy Maidens Protectors
Nanfeng Yunxi Qin WentianJun MengchenPurgatory
Nanfeng Shengge Kong Ye
Nanfeng Qingruo Jiang Ziyu
Nanfeng Aoxue Rong XiaoZong Zhan
Nanfeng Ling Kou Dao, Ba Jiang
Nanfeng Qiu Du Han
Nanfeng Xihua
Nanfeng Qing
Nanfeng Yue
Nanfeng Ji

Round 1 : Phoenix Arena

This battle platform had the faint shadow of a phoenix shimmering in and out of existence. The other camps of people had also mounted the platforms along with their respective holy maidens. Similarly, the other thirty-five platforms had the faint shadow of a phoenix, albeit in a different form. Despite their distinct appearances, their majesticness was roughly the same.

Next, we are going to select nine holy maidens to enter the ancestral lands. The maidens are selected based on the top nine camps with the highest battle achievements. The holy maiden can fight if they wish to, or they can send the helpers they have chosen. But one must remember this, holy maidens are able to borrow power from the formation to boost their own combat prowess into reaching the peak of the third level of immortal foundation. Hence, if the holy maiden chooses to fight, then her opponent must at least be someone of the same cultivation level. As for the helpers, they are unable to borrow power from the formation.

Each camp of holy maidens must fight thirty-five rounds of combat and they cannot fight an opponent twice. The nine maidens with the highest battle achievements will gain the qualifications to enter the ancestral lands.

Round 2: Ancestral Lands

The ancestral lands of the Southern Phoenix Clan were located in the extreme depths of the Southern Phoenix Clan. The ancestral lands existed at the time when the Southern Phoenix Clan appeared in the immortal realms, growing together with it up till now. One could say that it's a supreme treasure of the Southern Phoenix Clan, and generations of Holy Successors were nurtured by it.

Only one of these holy successors would eventually become the Southern Phoenix Matriarch but those not chosen as holy successors would become the most core of characters, each approved to wield immense authority in the Southern Phoenix Clan.

PART A : Parasol Tree - Obtaining the phoenix wings

The protectors have to capture the 81 parasol leaves for their holy maiden to understand. So it's needed to have strong enough protectors to capture and plunder the leaves and a strong enough holy maiden to understand the faster the energy inside it.

Pass : Nanfeng Qingruo, Nanfeng Shengge, Nanfeng Aoxue, Nanfeng Xihua, Nanfeng Ji, and Nanfeng Yunxi.

PART B  : Entering the Ancient Roads to Nirvana

From there, we can access the next dimension. However, we must enter that road to nirvana, for only by heading towards death can one find life, Only three holy maidens can enter. In the first dimension, three holy maidens had failed to obtain the phoenix wings. And now, only three people could continue to advance, eventually dwindling down to only one who can become the Holy Successor.

Pass : Nanfeng Shengge, Nanfeng Qingryo, and Nanfeng Yunxi.

PART C : Ancient Roads to Nirvana

The three holy maidens bring only one protector. Jiang Ziyu for Nanfeng Qingruo, Kong Ye for Nanfeng Shengge and Qin Wentian for Nanfeng Yunxi.

Result : Nanfeng Yunxi won and became the Holy Sucessor.