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In this city, many majestic buildings were constructed so tall that their top would touch the clouds. Those traveling in the air needed to take note of this, and there would also be many powerful greater demons flying in the air frequently, consisting of dragons, phoenixes, kirins, taotie, qiongqi and some other powerful variation-type demon beasts. Time City was extremely vast. Just this city alone was even larger compared to the Azure Mystic Immortal Realms. From this, one could very well imagine how terrifying the size of main cities in the Mystic Region are.


The location of theConvention of the Myriad Realms was always fixed. The location was always at an ancient city that was a symbol to the Mystic Region . It was a place where gods rose. In the ancient era, during the time where the Supreme Ancient Immortal Realms were divided into eight regions by the first generations of heavenly deities, one of the eight heavenly deities originated precisely from this city. That was a legendary character that was given the title Time King, there were also others who referred to him as the Godking of Time. In order to commemorate the city he was born in this city was renamed Time City.


Heaven Immortal Tower

To gain entry into the Heaven Immortal Tower, one has to pay an ordinary world stone first for each person that entered. This was to guarantee that not everyone can enter freely. There were simply too many people in Time City. If there were no restrictions, a place like the Heaven Immortal Tower would be packed to the brim, how would they do any business then? The vast majority of people would only be here to window-shop. Only those who could disregard the cost of one world stone would have the ability to transact in the Heaven Immortal Tower.

Only the word 'luxurious' could describe this place and it was extremely gigantic, with all sorts of treasures. In addition, all these treasures were specially designed for women. There were different styles of immortal dresses, all of them extremely beautiful. In the Supreme Ancient Immortal Realms, there were many major powers that were half-clan and half-sect. They treated their clan as the core but they wouldn't neglect accepting disciples with great talent. They had subordinates, disciples and even servants. After the passage of countless years, these would all evolve into major powers. The major power behind the Heaven Immortal Tower was precisely like that. It was an extremely famous power named the Dragon Pool Manor and the experts within were as common as clouds. They even had several experts at the world overlord realm.

Ten Miles Inn

The inn was a famous one named the Ten Miles Inn. The price of lodgings and food there was very high and only world overlords would usually be able to afford to stay there.

Time Realm

As the legendary place of Time City, the location of the Time Realm was in the central core location of Time City. There was an ancient building with its top touching the clouds, it exuded a sense of majesticness and although it was a little dilapidated, its original form was maintained and there was a stairway that led upwards. Legend has it that this place was the residence of the Time King, or better known as the Godking of Time. The entrance to the Time Realm existed right at the top of this ancient building.