The Star River Association was extremely mysterious and powerful. Although they could be considered a major power in their own right, they weren’t embroiled in any political disputes or struggles for power. They were a power that stood on their own. And despite having no allies, no transcendent powers would willingly make an enemy out of the Star River Association. This was a testament to how powerful they were.

The Star River Association is a unique power that covers the entire Grand Xia. Although they keep a low-profile and rarely interfere with the disputes of other powers, their accumulated resources and overall strength are fearsome to behold. Not only that, they’ve made it a point to secretly recruit several extremely talented elites in the fields of alchemy, divine Inscriptions and even stellar martial cultivators. Nobody knows what they’re planning.

Many in Grand Xia have guessed that the Star River Association’s organization structure is like a pyramid. An extremely strict top-down structure where information is tightly controlled. Those at the bottom belong to the lower tiers, but as long as they can prove themselves as worthy, even they have a chance at climbing up to the higher levels. The higher one climbs, the greater the authority one wields. There were also rumors saying that the Star River Association originates from an empire outside of Grand Xia, and the countless branches spread out across Grand Xia have all been a bid to consolidate their foundations prior to activating their plans.[1]


After Qin Wentian became the monarch of Grand Xia ,he felt that the Star River Association was to mysterious & also his impression of this organisation was not good to begin with. So he abolished all branches of this organisation in Grand Xia. The Star River Association threatened Qin Wentian but he stayed true to his conviction. Later after Medicine Sovereign Valley become the hegemon of Royal Sacred Regio Qin Wentian left for immortal realm. But in his absence the SRO launched a massive sweep in this particle world. They established themselves as the hegemonic power. Also they started a cleaning of the people close to Qin Wentian. As a result Medicine Sovereign , Mo Qingcheng & Qin Wntian's other close ones have fled for their lives. Later after establishing his immortal foundation Qin Wentian came to his home and started destroying the branches of SRO. Later an immortal king from the immortal realm came but Qin Wentian also got help from Thousand Transformations Immortal Sect .Then it is revealed that it was the Eastern Sage Immortal Emperor was the manipulator behind the scenes. It was him who told the higher ups to infiltrate this particle world and kill Qin Wentian's close ones as his revenge. He also send many immortal king levels experts such as Deepflame ,Scarce Moon Immortal King to kill Qin Wentian. But their attempt ended in failure as Bai Wuya and Saberlord of Death came to help. Bai Wuya killed Deepflame. As a result Eastern Sage had to withdraw his army and then every thing related to SRO was completely eradicated from Royal Sacred Region.


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