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The Southern Region of the Azure Mystic Immortal Realms.


The lands of the Southern Regions in the immortal realms were exceedingly vast. The three main hegemons of this region could be segregated into three - Southern Phoenix Clan, Jiang Clan and Ying Clan. Each of them occupied an area and had a territory under their control. Even though the Southern Phoenix Clan and the Jiang Clan didn't really 'govern' a majority of the areas away from their central location, those areas were still under their influence. The powers formed in those territories were naturally subservient to one of the three great ancient clans, and their authority and control was vast. Among these three great powers, the radius of the Ying Clan's authority was the most vast.

Naturally other than the three great ancient clans, there are also quite a few immortal emperors who had influence in the surrounding areas. After them, were the sects and clans formed by many powerful immortal kings. They were constantly in conflict with each other.