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One of the three great ancient clans of the Southern Region.


The Southern Phoenix Clan was located at the Southern Region of the Azure Mystic Immortal Realms. This clan was an ancient power that had lasted for countless eras.

The Southern Phoenix Clan possessed the high-grade bloodline of the undying divine beast—the phoenix. Only females were appointed as the successors of the Southern Phoenix Clan and throughout the eras, their titles had always been the same: the Southern Phoenix Matriarch.

The foundations of the Southern Phoenix Clan far surpassed the Eastern Sage Immortal Emperor and Thousand Transformations Emperor Lord. Their land was considered an ancient holy ground of the immortal realms. In the southern region, the Southern Phoenix Clan had immense influence. Although they didn't rule over the entire southern region completely, their authority was extremely vast. Their every move could cause the people living in the southern region to tremble.

Southern Phoenix City naturally was the immortal city where the Southern Phoenix Clan resided. This city was the base of operations for the Southern Phoenix Clan and they governed it fully. Their clan businesses were situated throughout the city, and their army was responsible for the city's discipline and law enforcement. Hence, this immortal city could be considered one of the safest main cities in the entire immortal realms.


Nirvanic Blood

The nirvanic blood of the Southern Phoenix Clan was able to protect their lives in exchange for sacrificing themselves. It was already considered an extremely heaven-defying method.