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Southern Phoenix City (Southern Phoenix Immortal City) is located in the southern region of the Azure Mystic Immortal Realms. The Southern Phoenix Clan is located in the Southern Phoenix City. It's truly a vast city controlled completely by their clan. This city was ancient and majestic, with several constructed buildings clustered within, yet did not give the impression that the city was cramped. In this place, the experts were as common as clouds. Immortal foundation experts could be seen everywhere.



The rules there are set by the Southern Phoenix Clan and it's one of the safest places in the immortal realms. Immortal kings would all be monitored once they entered that place.

One cannot commit an act slaughter here, bully the weak because you are strong, or engage in robbery and theft. The Southern Phoenix Army won't interfere in small-scale conflicts but if someone is heavily injured, or there is damage to city property, you will be liable to answer for your actions. that's the majority of the rules. Also, there's an arena where parties can settle any large-scale disputes if they wanted to. 

Phoenix Arena

On the Phoenix Arena, the prerequisite to fight there was both parties had to be in agreement. Once both parties agreed, it represented a conflict that couldn't be mediated and the fight on the arena would be a life-and-death battle. There were no longer any rules or fairness. Since you agreed to come up here to fight, you can use any methods you want to. You just have to win.

On the Phoenix Arena, one could use any methods they had in their arsenal to kill their opponents. There was no such thing as shameless actions!