This man’s name was Si Qiong, and nobody had ever heard of him before nor knew anything about his back ground. Later it's revealed he was someone from the ‘Ancient Kingdom’.

He was skilled in soul attacks and knew of a soul search technique as well. His first Astral Soul was classed as a wind-type; his second Astral Soul was a water python that revolved in midair; his third Astral Soul, was that of the evil spectre. The golden corona around the Astral Souls indicated that the first two came from the 4th Heavenly Layer, and the third from the the 5th Heavenly Layer respectively!


Cultivation Realm Lvl Chapter
Yuanfu 9th 361
Heavenly Dipper 4th 599


  • Heavenly Swordplay
  • Great Solar Universe Art
  • Stellar Transposition
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