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Shu Ruanyu was from the Shu Clan, a major power in the Eastern Region of the Moon Continent. Her name was extremely famous here and regardless of beauty or talent, she was outstanding in both fields.

Some time before, the Star-Seizing Manor wanted to find a companion for Yang Fan. Yang Fan took an instant liking to Shu Ruanyu and after a period of dating, he even personally went to the Shu Clan to propose marriage. Being in-laws with a transcendent power would open up countless doors of benefits, hence the Shu Clan naturally agreed.


Extremely enchanting woman clad in a fiery-red skirt, projecting a demeanor of unmatched elegance. Her skin was as fair as snow, so soft-looking that it seemed it would break the moment a gentle breeze of wind blew against it. Just a single glance was enough to reveal her devilish figure.


When Qin Wentian went to kill Hua Xiaoyun, coincidentally Shu Ruanyu was present and learnt of his identity. He was the murderer of her uncle, Zhu Sha. She joined the fight and tried to kill Qin Wentian. But not only it didn't work, she was even kidnapped by the latter after he managed to kill Hua Xiaoyun. He used her to threaten others so they'll let him leave safely otherwise Shu Ruanyu will be killed. He didn't do anything to her when she was his captivity and after a few days she was able to go back to the Moon Continent.

But after Shu Ruanyu returned to the Moon Continent, the relationship between the Star-Seizing Manor and the Shu Clan underwent a change. She'd been engaged to Yang Fan, and it was naturally because of her outstanding talent that she had been chosen to wed into the Star-Seizing Manor. But who would’ve known that after being abducted by Qin Wentian, things would begin to change. The Star-Seizing Manor suspected that her chastity had been taken and even Yang Fan began to avoid her. This act of abduction completely changed their views of Shu Ruanyu’s suitability as his fiancée, in consideration of Yang Fan’s extraordinary status in the Star-Seizing Manor. Even Yang Fan was uncertain if his fiancée and Qin Wentian had done something. Under a fit of rage, she initiated their breakup, destroying the marriage agreement between them.

Even now, she had no way to unleash that turbid breath she kept suppressed. She wanted to avenge herself on Qin Wentian, yet she didn’t know where he’d gone to. Later, after she saw Qin Wentin's abilities at the Heavenly Fate Ranking or his madness at the Pill Emperor Hall she wondered what "if" something had happened between them when she was kidnapped... Somehow regretting nothing happened.


Cultivation Progress Chapter
8th Yuanfu Realm 295
9th Yuanfu Realm 351
Heavenly Dipper Realm 668