This young man was clad in luxurious golden robes and although his looks weren’t that handsome, he exuded a heroic spirit. Just a single glance at him was sufficient to tell that he was no ordinary character. The most notable features about him were his eyes, they were actually gleaming with golden light. His pupils were pure gold in color and radiated a sense of sharpness as though they were able to see through anything, even the void.


The golden-eyed young man had peerless talent and was born with unusual eyes. He was bestowed the position of a king since he was young and not only that, he was given the authority to pass on his kingship to his descendents. This was the difference between him and the other seven King Cities, he was of the true bloodline of the Grand Shang Empire, otherwise known as the Eye King, Shang Tong.

The current Emperor has a total of nine sons. This golden-eyed young man, the Eye King, although he wasn’t the strongest, his talent was the most terrifying. He had the power to fight for the throne and a high possibility to inherit Grand Shang. 


Cultivation Realm Chapter
6th Heavenly Dipper 507
7th Heavenly Dipper 582


Shang Tong (商瞳): Shang is a surname, Tong stands for eye/pupil.

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