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Hegemon of the Royal Sacred Region.

It was destroyed by the immortals that Di Tian unsealed from the Vermillion Bird Immortal Palace.


The Core Faction were the masters of the Royal Sacred Sect, while the other factions were their servants.

In this alliance, the Core Faction was the leading faction. They were the strongest, irreplaceable faction. In the history of the Royal Sacred Sect, there had been cases of other factions being replaced before. Those factions that were too weak would simply be eliminated and kicked out. They didn’t have the qualifications to remain in the Royal Sacred Sect.


  • Zai Yan
    • Also known as the current Sacred Emperor
  • Jun Yu
    • Direct disciple of one of the elders king of the Grand Shang Empire ch. 455
  • Li Mo
    • A second-level Celestial Phenomenon Ascendant ch. 699
  • Zai Xuan (Sacred Prince)
    • Third level of Celestial Phenomenon ch. 700
  • Dong Yu
    • Third level Celestial Phenomenon Ascendant ch. 700
  • Zai Qiu

Royal Sacred Emperors

The Royal Sacred Sect had dominated this world for so long. Naturally, the Sacred Emperor today wasn’t the first generation Sacred Emperor.

Every generation of Sacred Emperor would personally choose the most outstanding one among his descendants in their sect to nurture. After which, they would send them out of the Royal Sacred Region for adventure and to roam the outside world as a form of tempering themselves. These people who were selected were all named as Sacred Princes within the sect. They all had the potential to attempt to barge into the legendary realm of immortals; and the moment they succeeded, they would inherit the position of the Sacred Emperor and took responsibility for the nurturing of the next Sacred Emperor. Only this way would the Royal Sacred Sect able to sit securely in the position of hegemon in the Royal Sacred Region.

As for those who weren’t selected, they would remain behind in the Royal Sacred Sect to cultivate and positions would be granted to them based on their individual’s strength, their main responsibility was to ensure the Royal Sacred Sect would flourish throughout the generations, as strong as ever.