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Royal Sacred Region

The Royal Sacred Region consists of an inconceivably large amount of land. There was an endless number of sects and countless ancient kingdoms and aristocrat clans.

The Hegemon of this boundless land area was none other than the Royal Sacred Sect.

Within this vast region, other than the hegemony, the other powers of note were the Nine Great Sects, the Seven Supreme Clans and the two great empires. The nine sects were naturally the nine great sects under the Royal Sacred Sect; the seven clans were the Seven ancient aristocrat clans which had over tens of thousands of years of history, it was unknown how terrifyingly strong they were. The seven ancient clans weren’t a part of the Royal Sacred Sect automatically but their members treated joining the Royal Sacred Sect as a matter of glory. And lastly for the two empires, they naturally referred to Grand Shang and Grand Zhou. All of them were first-tier powers.

If it was in the past, the two empires would have been three instead. Grand Zhou, Grand Shang and Grand Xia were all empires in this boundlessly large region under the governance of the Royal Sacred Sect. Half of Grand Zhou’s territory lies within this region while the royal capital of Grand Shang was within it as well. As for the fallen Grand Xia, the Royal Sacred Sect no longer care much about it.[1]

Eight Era-Suppressing Geniuses in the Heavenly Dipper Realm



This world known as the Royal Sacred Region is considered one of the weaker ones among the particle words.

Royal Sacred City

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