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The Royal Capital of the Chu Country had a land area of over 10 million li*, was the biggest city in the whole of Chu Country, and the population was 10 times that of the Sky Harmony City — it was exceedingly ludicrous. * – Roughly 3,106,060 miles, or 5,000,000 kilometers.[1]


The Royal Capital has a total of seven sectors:

First Sector

‘The slums’ : This section of the city is inhabited by temporary visitors, as well as people with no money or authority. The area of this sector, other than being the largest, is also the most densely populated, consisting of about half of the entire population in the entirety of Royal Capital.

Second Sector

A place where chaos thrives; a region where fish and dragons mix together where crooks hang alongside honest folks.

Third Sector

Where the Nine Academies and the countless minor clans are located.

Fourth Sector

Where the Star River Association, Divine Weapon Stores, as well as all of the major clans are located.

Fifth Sector

The ‘Aristocratic Sector’; a place where the nobles as well as extremely powerful clans reside.

Sixth Sector

The Royal Palace.

Seventh Sector

The Dark Forest was on the outskirts of the Royal Capital. The external boundary of half of the land owned by the Royal Capital, was surrounded by the Dark Forest. It abounded with countless demonic beasts, which means that the 6th Sector, the 5th sector, the 4th sector, and the 3rd sector’s periphery was the same place – the incomparably dangerous Dark Forest; They treated the dangerous Dark Forest as a training ground.

The Royal Capital, was incomparably immense, filled with countless minor and major powers, while the Nine Academies was located within the heart of the city.[2]