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I like those who don’t follow the rules. Your personality is very similar to mine. My name is Ren Qianxing. You may not have heard my name before, but you surely would have heard of my story. After all, many years ago, I once committed the same act that you just did.
— Ren Qianxing to Qin Wentian


This figure was that of a middle-aged man. However, he looked much older than that. Streaks of white layered his brows, and his eyes were filled with a depth so deep that it seemed endless. It was as though he had experienced and weathered the world’s countless pain and sadness.


This happened many years ago. I still remember that when I was much younger, in the Dreamsky Forest, I met an extremely lecherous fiend who did unspeakable things to a female student. After the female student exited the Dreamsky Forest, she was in such a hysterical state of extreme depression and was suffering from a nervous breakdown. Under a fit of rage, I killed the person who had tormented her.

I’m unlike you, my talent could only be considered average. The person I killed had a higher degree of talent when compared to me. In this world, what people look at is not fairness and justice. This holds true in any circumstances. Not only that, the academy had made it clear that students are allowed to do anything they want in the Dreamsky Forest. That was why even killing was so common inside the dreamscape.

I was the 2nd student, the one that was imprisoned for many years. Of course, that was merely a rumor, and you can’t believe all of it. I merely decided not to appear in front of the masses.


  • 任千行(Ren Qianxing) ren = do as you will/mission. Qian=thousand. Xing =travel/journey