he Red Dust Immortal Palace was a first-tier peak power, formed of extremely beautiful women. Not only was their strength supreme, their sense for music and dance was beyond comparison. If one wanted to invite them for a dance, that person would have to pay an exorbitant price. Although these maidens were veiled, the indistinct feeling of beauty in addition to their alluring figures and the way they moved their bodies, made everyone feel that they were beautiful to the extreme.

There are some famous dances that originated from the Red Dust Immortal Palace. [Descending into the Mortal World] and [Beauty under the Moonlight] are two of their most famous dances, where ordinary people wouldn't have a chance to see this. If these two dances were performed by the maidens of the Red Dust Immortal Palace, they have the ability to mesmerize a multitude of living things. Back then after the Night Empyrean was killed, nobody knew that he had a daughter.


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