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She was none other than the number one beauty of the Heaven Region, Goddess Nichang.


She was breathtakingly beautiful, so beautiful that it could stir the hearts and souls of people. It was like you just needed to take a single glance at her to be completely spellbound. There was no way to describe her beauty because there were simply no words in any language capable of describing it.

That breathtaking figure was truly stunning. Her holy and saint-like countenance had no expression on it yet they could do nothing to mask her supreme beauty. This was the number one beauty of the Heaven Region. Truly, her beauty was unrivalled. It was like in this world, there was no one worthy of her casting a single glance at them. No matter where she went to, it was like the rest of the world was only worthy enough to serve as the background, further enhancing her radiance.

She was robed in white and her black hair fluttered in the wind. The rainbow light shone upon her, she exuded a sense of holiness, beauty and boundless excellence like a portrait. Because of her presence, this place seemed to become a paradise on Earth.


Goddess Nichang was a true goddess. Her father was a heavenly deity, her grandfather was also a heavenly deity. There was no need to doubt how high her talent is. If the Heaven Region has a ranking equal to the Heavenly Dao Ranking, Goddess Nichang would definitely be on it.

Her grandfather Qu Shen, had a very good relationship with heavenly deity Qin Ding.


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