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Qin Zheng is the current leader of the Qin Clan. He was the one who plotted and betrayed Qin Yuanfeng to take him everything.


He have a violet-golden crown, he was dressed in luxurious robes, seemingly the embodiment of heaven's might.


Qin Zheng had a long-forgotten title in the Supreme Ancient Immortal Realms. After he became the Qin Clan Leader, this title was gradually forgotten by many people as the two words 'Qin Zheng' alone, possessed sufficient weightage. His title in the past was none other than the Divine Punishment Heavenly Deity.

Qin Zheng's dao was the Divine Punishment Heavenly Dao. Qin Zheng naturally wasn't only proficient in a single heavenly dao. Since his title was the Divine Punishment Heavenly Deity, it's clear that he focused on the divine punishment dao as his strongest law. When one obtained a heavenly dao that has strength that surpasses all others, the other daos are no longer as important as compared to it, they would only be able to support and complement the main dao you focus on, allowing your main dao to become stronger and stronger.


Qin Zheng was fated to be extraordinary when he was born. For the branch clan he was in, that faction was extremely powerful. That, in addition to his extraordinary talent, he was immediately nurtured as one of the future successors to the Qin Clan.

Back then, Qin Yuanfeng always existed within his light. Qin Yuanfeng and Qin Zheng fell for the same during their youth, eventually she chos to be married to Qin Zheng. She was the supreme heaven chosen of another faction in the Qin Clan and they even had a son together. Their son is named Qin Dangtian.

Qin Yuanfeng treated Qin Zheng as a brother and has never made any invidious comparisons to him. Qin Yuanfeng even chose to leave the Qin Clan. Qin Zheng somehow found Qin Yuanfeng and Qin Yuanfeng politely welcomed him, yet Qin Zheng suddenly wanted to challenge him and after Qin Zheng was defeated, he still didn't give up and plotted to kill Qin Yuanfeng. During Qin Yuanfeng's first lifetime, everything of value that belonged to Qin Yuanfeng was completely stripped away and plundered. And now, Qin Zheng has already become the king of the Qin Clan, controlling this heavenly deity race.


  • Myriad Laws Armor : This was a treasured armor, the armor instantly enlarged, blotting out the sky, manifesting many ancient rune words that contained the power of the dao in them. It instantly surrounded the opponent and after that, many rune words blasted towards the enemy. Each of the rune words seemed to be a figure from the ancient era, each containing a different type of dao might. The Myriad Laws Armor was something the first ancestor of the Qin Clan created and passed it down to successive generations. Each ancient rune word represented a different heavenly dao comprehended by the different ancestors.


  • Divine Punishment Heavenly Dao