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Uncle Black, you should have heard our conversation earlier. If he is ordinary, allow him to live his life in unremarkable-ness and mediocrity. Never allow him to borrow our strength to rise to the top. The son of I, Qin Yuanfeng, has to depend on his own capabilities to stand tall, supporting both heavens and earth. Right now, the only one that knows I have an heir, are you guys. Bring him away, do not let others know that he is my son.
— Qin Yuanfeng to Uncle Black



Although the man had unexcelled, exceptional looks, his manliness was something rarely seen in the world. He was able to give off a pressure akin to a mighty mountain, towering over everyone else. Yet, his eyes contained streaks of gentleness resembling the profoundness and warmth of water.

Tomb Keeper

By simply standing there casually, he made it seem that there was only him in this entire world. He wore a grey robe and his hair was shoulder-length. His long hair casually draped over his shoulders, but the contours of his face were clear and sharp. If one observed closely, they would see that this man was extraordinarily handsome despite being a middle-aged man. When he was younger, he was surely a pretty boy. His figure stood straight and tall. Just from the aura alone, you could tell that he was an extremely awe-inspiring character.



During his first life, he was wild and unrestrained, powerful enough to do anything he wanted to. He could spread his hands and give up on everything, or could give it his all and slaughter the heavens. However, at the end, he grew tired of such a life and wanted to leave. But someone refused to allow him to do so and this was the reason why he had a second life.

During his second life, he was more steady, not as wild as before and was more mediocre in comparison. He wasn't as brilliant as he was in his first lifetime. He hid away in a particle world and grew up there, practicing his cultivation from the start. Later on, he and Luoshen Qianxue had Qin Wentian and after that, in order to protect the baby, they had no choice but to choose departure. It isn't that they didn't want to watch him grow up but the safest way for him to survive was to sever all connections they had with him. In that case, no one would know his identity, that he is his son. Despite the pain in his and his wife's hearts, they still willingly chose to do this to protect him.

Full Story

He is actually of the direct line of descent. His parents are also great characters of the clan but sadly, they died in battle. From young, he became an orphan and his personality was slightly antisocial and eccentric, a man of few words. The elders of his faction brought him up, treating him as the future of their faction in the clan.

He didn't disappoint them. He was sent with other chosen of each respective faction that were of the direct line of descent for training. His talent was extraordinary and other than him, there were two others in the same clan who were just as outstanding. One was a young king of the clan, while the other was a female that he secretly admired. The three of them were good friends since young but in the end, the two of them got together. He was depressed but he still gave them his blessings. After that, he decided to leave the clan to roam the world outside, tempering himself alone. He experienced countless difficulties and almost died on many occasions, as time shaped his character, resulting in him becoming wild and unrestrained. He met the woman that would become his wife and mother of his children on one of his trips and began to pursue her madly.

At the same time, that young king of the clan, Qin Zheng, also grew to prominence, like the sun in the sky. There was no one in the same generation who could compare to him and he became one of the possible successors of the clan and was heavily nurtured. He was born a king, dazzling to the extreme. However, he knew that there was one who could compete with him, and that person was none other than Qin Yuanfeng. However, Qin Yuanfeng initially didn't even have the intent to compete for the clan's authority. He matured in a place far from the clan and only returned very rarely. But when he did return, there were no longer many interactions between him and others of the clan. The young king slowly grew stronger and gradually became the indisputable true successor. It seemed that there would be no further interactions between him and Qin Yuanfeng.

It was only until it was rumored that when he was adventuring outside, he managed to obtain an ultimate treasure. Countless people in the world wanted it, and Qin Yuanfeng was hunted by the major powers there ceaselessly. The clan summoned him back but he refused to return, choosing to elope with his wife instead, roaming the world. No one could bind him, not even the clan. He wanted to live the life of a recluse but one day, the young king and his wife actually found his location. They went to pay him a visit, and your he passionately welcomed these old friends of his. Under the pretext of not meeting for a long time, the young king asked for a spar. He was defeated and left, but it was not known what he told the elders of the clan when he returned. Not long after that, even the members of the clan started to join in the hunt for Qin Yuanfeng.

Under a fit of rage, Qin Yuanfeng decided to sever all connections with him and the clan. His actions only served to further enrage the elders, they had never met such an unbridled clansman before. They sent out even more experts but the end result was that everyone they sent out was heavily injured by him. In the end, even members of the Luoshen Clan joined the hunt, they found the couple and forcefully brought Luoshen Qianxue away.

However, things weren't concluded yet. The hunt of the clan has never ceased and one day, he finally decided to return to settle things. The vast majority of his faction within the clan was willing to follow him. They openly claimed for a fair battle between him and the young king, giving Qin Yuanfeng a chance to get back everything he lost when he had chosen to leave when he was younger. In that battle, the young king of the clan lost again. However, nobody expected that the other factions were so despicable, actually making the excuse by saying that Qin Yuanfeng won only because of that ultimate treasure. If he gifted the treasure to the clan, the young king would be ten to even a hundred times stronger than Qin Yuanfeng.

How could he be willing to give up the treasure? A great battle naturally unfolded, and those who followed Qin Yuanfeng were either killed or heavily injured. Qin Yuanfeng's anger boiled over and he started a slaughter spree. This act enraged the supreme ancients of the clan, they who held the most authority. They came out and used a supreme treasure to seize everything belonging to him, bestowing it to the young king instead.[1]

He managed to somehow kill himself and not allow them to take away his treasure. Although he did die once, he didn't really die, and managed to start anew with a second life. As for the place your father chose to cultivate in during his second lifetime is was none other than the Royal Sacred Region. That particle world have vestiges of his past deeds, for example the Qin Heavenly Divine Sect. A major power thad created when he was cultivating there.

As his cultivation grew stronger, he naturally didn't remain in that particle world. He went out to roam the stars, and arrived at the Azure Mystic Immortal Realms, leaving behind the vestiges of his deeds. After that, Luoshen Qianxue found your him. Although countless years passed, their emotions for each other were still the same. They finally had a child, Qin Wentian, and gave their everything to him.

After Qin Wentian was born, they asked me Uncle Black to bring him away. They have actually been to the particle world to see him before, but they still decisively chose to sever their relationship, choosing to bury his existence, not letting anyone learn of it. Even if they were hunted down one day, none of their enemies would know that he existed. [2]


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