List of Techniques

Techniques Chapter
Dragon Subduing Fist Manual 9
The Thousand Hands imprint 49
Nine Heavenly Garuda Technique (Arterial Circulation Manual) 64
Falling Mountain Palm 95
The Berserker Beast Halberd Technique 95
Great Dream Halberd Art 114
Nine Heavenly Garuda Technique (Yuanfu Manual) 152
Heaven Breaking Finger technique 294
Heartbreak Echo 342
Limit-Exhaustion Needle Art 353
Stellar Transposition 420
Facial Transformation Art 421
Bloodcurse Imprint 443
Immortal Vanquishing Swordplay 454
Heavenly Swordplay 455
Seven Annihilations Swordplay 470
Grand Nihility Thousand Imprint 568
Golden Roc Art 585
Star Seizing Palm Art 587
Forger Immortal Physique Art 784
Unknown Sword Art 825
Unknown Bell Technique 826
Battle Art 833
Record of Myriad Laws 893
God's Hand (Incomplete) 912
God's Hand (Complete) 1074
True Law 1124
Immortal Devil Transformation 1251
Demon Lord Technique 1308
Divine Bird Great Peng King 1354
Soul Slaying Devil Saber 1381
Nightmare Sword Art 1427
Flower in a Mirror and Moon on Water 1725
Seven Kills Tribulation Finger 1820
Heavenly Fate Eye 1831

When Qin Wentian obtains these techniques.


  • Dragon Subduing Fist Manual
    1. Raging Dragon Leaving The Oceans (Attack Stance)
    2. Dragon Clashing In The Wilds (Attack Stance)
    3. Draconic Roar From The Nine Heavens (Attack Stance)
    4. Dragon Capturing Hands (Innate Attack)
  • The Thousand Hands Imprint
    • Five Martial Imprint Merhods:
      1. Daimond Imprint
      2. Revolving Sea Imprint
      3. Emptiness Imprint
      4. Loneliness/Kuji Imprint
      5. Great Thousand Hands Imprint
  • Nine Heavenly Garuda Technique (Arterial Circulation - Manual)
    1. Initial Stage
    2. Skillful Stage
    3. Perfect Stage
    4. Godly Stage
  • Falling Mountain Palm
  • The Berserker Beast Halberd Technique
    • This technique consists of four stances and 36 transformations.
      • Azure Dragon Stance (Contains 9 Transformations)
      • White Tiger Stance (Contains 9 Transformations)
      • Vermillion Bird stance (Contains 9 Transformations)
      • Black Tortoise Stance (Contains 9 Transformations)
  • Great Dream Halberd Art (Self created Innate Technique)
    1. Mountain Splitter
    2. Fallen Star
    3. Fractured Void
  • Nine Heavenly Garuda Technique (Yuan Palace - Manual)
  • Heaven Breaking Finger
  • Heartbreak Echo
  • Stellar Transposition (Ultimate Art Of Grand Xia)
  • Facial Transformation Art
  • Bloodcurse Imprint (Ultimate Art Of Grand Xia)
  • Immortal Vanquishing Swordplay (Immortal Art) - This is an immortal art, the Immortal Vanquishing Swordplay. To execute this, you have to use the entirety of the demonic divinity energy infused within your body as fuel. However that is still insufficient. Even adding the power of your bloodline and the entire pool of energy in

your Yuanfu to the mix, I’m afraid the amount of power gathered would still be insufficient to allow you unleash even one stance of the Immortal Vanquishing Swordplay. But, if you somehow succeed in this, the demonic form will be reversed, even your vitality would be sapped. Despite your strengthened physique, it would be impossible for you to recover without a year of rest

  • Heavenly Swordplay (Ultimate Art Of Grand Xia)
  • Seven Annihilations Swordplay - Annihilation with a single step, annihilation with the stab of a single finger, annihilation with a single thought. Even gods and demons would cower before it.
  • Grand Nihility Thousand Imprint ch-568 Both its palms were incomparably resplendent with terrifying streams of astral light interweaving and revolving around in an extremely stable manner. And at this very moment, the arms of this figure moved. It lifted its hands and blasted out forwards with its palms. That palm strike seemed to slam against the dome of heavens, with power enough to shatter even the heavenly bodies and astral constellations.
  • Forger Immortal Physique Art - Obtained from the Driftsnow Master, can be incorporated into his Fiendgod Body Refinement Art. As long as he stepped into the immortal-foundation realm, as long as his cultivation with the Fiendgod Body Refinement Art didn’t fall behind, his physique would be even more fearsome compared to ordinary fiendgods. It would just be like an immortal-ranked weapon.
  • Record of Myriad Laws - The Ten Thousand Laws Record isn’t a cultivation art nor an innate technique. One must be very careful when attempting to cultivate this. This record touches on the origin of laws. And as everyone knows, the myriad of innate techniques and immortal arts in this world all contain traces of laws within them. After understanding this, one could improve on the foundation of all their techniques, making them many times stronger than before. To those with higher comprehension, you will get the most benefit out from this. But those with low comprehension, this

wouldn’t aid you much at all and might even affect your future cultivation, causing you to be confused and may achieve an opposite effect, thereby harming yourself instead.

  • God's Hand - This skill is from the Battle Saint Clan. Emperor Yi is famous for this secret skill which he used annihilate an ancient clan. God's Hand is not a palm technique, but can rumble the attack of any divine ability.
  • True Law - Qin Wentian obtained this after enter into the Heavenly Dao Saint Academy. It's a buddhist secret skill, when used can release ancient characters.
  • Demon Lord Technique - This is the Ten Thousand Demon Lord Inheritance secret skill, under this skill ten thousand demons are subdued.
  • Flower in a Mirror and Moon on Water - For a powerful illusionary art, not only could he mislead his opponent's vision, he naturally could also mislead his opponent's sense of smell, sense of touch and even his immortal senses. This illusion art was named Flower in a Mirror and Moon on Water, flower reflected in the mirror and moon reflected in the water , are all evasive, illusory, illusion art has 3 levels. After a person looked through your illusion art, definitely will relax a vigilance, therefore, 2nd level illusion art killing move arrived, when you linked 2nd level also be broken, 3rd level will arrive.  This can fool all senses, mixing reality with illusion. It was precisely why this technique was so fearsome.
  • Immortal Devil Transformation - This art wasn't purely a cultivation art, but was a mysterious gate of enlightenment instead. More accurately, it should be something an immortal cultivator created after he entered the Myriad Devil Islands, wanting to use it to mask his identity. That person must have had an extremely secretive status and he didn't want to divulge it. This must be the reason why he researched and created the Immortal Devil Transformation. That person was most assuredly a startling genius with an extremely high cultivation base or he wouldn't have been able to create this art.
  • Seven Kills Tribulation Finger - The power of a single finger contained the seven kills tribulation force. It was capable of passing through all attacks and was invincible and tyrannical.
  • Heavenly Fate Eye - The Heaven Fate World heart was his root. In the area generated by his world heart, he controls everything. So, he sealed the power of his world heart into his eyes, and by doing so, he could instantly use this power to negate the attacks of his enemy, absorbing them into his eye-technique world.

Abstract Techniques -

☀Kinesthesia (ch-249)

“The mind and consciousness are correlated to the quintessence of the heart, by comprehending one’s inner self fully, as well as strengthening one’s perception of their external surroundings. The sensitivity towards usage and circulation of force is also improved, so as long as you see something, your mind and heart will work together to conceptualize it, aiding you greatly in your comprehension. Not only that, the external senses are greatly amplified as well.

Unlocking Kinesthesia is something extremely rare, only seen once in a blue moon in Stellar Martial Cultivators. From now onwards, regardless of what you wish to comprehend, everything will be many times easier compared to before, because your heart and mind are now connected.

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