Qin Wentian (秦问天) is the main protagonist of Ancient Godly Monarch. He's the foster son of the Qin Clan Manor of Sky Harmony City.


When he was still a child, Qin Wentian destroyed his own meridians (by the instruction of his Uncle Black) so that later he could reconstruct a perfect set of Stellar Meridians. It was recorded in the stellar meridians transformation, that only with broken meridians would one be able to reconstruct and transform them into a perfect set of stellar meridians.

Qin Wentian's biological father left him a stone which he wore on his neck but when Qin Wentian formed an innate link with the Heavenly Hammer Constellation the stone disappeared inside his body which transformed to a tiny being made of astral energy which locked down the Heavenly Hammer Astral Soul.

At the examination at the Bai Clan hosted by the four great schools Qin Wentian lighted 5 orb on the mirror giving him 5 star rating affinity with the Heaven and Earth Yuan Qi and he also lighted 9 orb on the second mirror before shattering it completely giving him 9 star affinity with the Astral Qi.

Qin Wentian before stepping into the Yuanfu realm cultivated the art of the Nine Astrarium which after he stepped into Yuanfu realm managed to create four Yuanfus.

Qin Wentian possesses a Primordial Level Bloodline and possesses a second bloodline which is even stronger than his primordial bloodline.

Qin Wentian is the successor of the Azure Emperor after gaining recognition after his time at the Emperor Star Academy.  


Qin Clan Bloodline (Qin Clan)

  • The ultimate secret of his Qin Clan's bloodline would enable him to comprehend the myriad of laws. his bloodline power was able to help in fusing his other laws. 
  • White Candle-Light Flame : allowed Qin Wentian to be immune to poison. After that, as Di Tian grew stronger, the innate talent of this bloodline also strengthened. Leaving aside poisons, this bloodline also enabled him to be immune to sinister techniques such as curses. The white candle flame was able to purify everything.

Luoshen Demon God Bloodline (Luoshen Clan)

  • Burning Rebellion : (Ch.1425 The bloodlines talent, burns changes) Burning Transformation, this innate ability could ignite all the energy within his bloodline, causing his body to increase in strength and toughness, further reinforcing his attacks, giving him the strength to defy the heavens. The weakest effect would at least be an increase of two times. But given Qin Wentian talent, he could sense that if he activates that, the increase wouldn’t merely be by a factor of two times. Next, defends the strengthen, may evolve formidable Bloodline Protection, this Bloodline Protection takes itself as the shape, can actually ten thousand transformation, change to all Monster Race. If he sends out the Monster Race divine ability method, the might is astonishing surmounts amplification strength that itself Burning Transformation brings, is more fearful.
  • Bloodline Talent - Rearing Divinity : This was one of the terrifying abilities of the Luoshen Clan bloodline. They were able to nurture and rear demons using their blood. Every saint beast within was able to fight for the user. Also, each of them had their own respective demon-attribute heavenheart mandates. This meant that the user was able to use many types of heavenheart mandates! It was extremely terrifying. It was rumored that when this ability of the Luoshen Clan reached the peak, it was able to summon demon gods to the world. The myriad of demons would act as their protectors and each of those demons would be terrifyingly strong. However, the degree of talent one had in this ability was different for everyone. To cultivate this, one needed a supremely powerful comprehension. As to what rearing divinity means, it meant trying to rear and nurture a demon god. The strengths and weaknesses of the demons summoned would depend on the summoner's cultivation talent.

Natural Law Domain

  • God's Hand Domain
  • Evil Eyes Natural Law Domain
  • Divine Elephant Natural Domain
  • Sword Domain
  • Pagoda Law Domain

World Heart

Heaven Fate World Heart

Creation - Formed from his understandings of various heavenheart mandates as well as his comprehension, innate techniques and secret arts. After that, his innate heavenheart mandate was born from the world heart.

Ability - When both his world heart and innate heavenheart mandate are released, the entire surroundings here would be under his absolute control, both his opponent's world heart and their heavenheart mandates would be completely suppressed. Heaven's Fate World Heart As long as he employ the power of his world heart, he can directly control everything. He's the god of the zonehe created, his will is equal to heaven's fate and he can determine their life and death with a single word.

Heavenheart Mandates

  • Radiance Conflagration Heavenheart Mandate : formed from the source origins of light and sword, and had an addition of his own insights through his cultivation. This heavenheart mandate contains an extremely terrifying penetrating might. Although he didn't add the spatial source origins into the fusion, but given his insights into space, when he activated the Radiance Conflagration Heavenheart Mandate, everything around him would be disintegrated into the void. Created by Qin Wentian
  • Phantasm Space Heavenheart Mandate : able to conceal his presence completely, fool the enemy and causing him to be unable to locate the user real body. Created by Qin Wentian.

Has at least 12 Heavenly Heart Consciousness.


  • Spacetime Sword Dao (Ch.1886): Contained the power of space and time within, slowing down the attack before shifting the attack targeted at him away. 
  • Dimensional Spacetime Dao (Ch.1918): Gained from insights into the laws of different dimensions. 


Weapons / Equipments

  • Heavenly Divine Stele
  • Demon Sword
    • Qin Wentian got this after clashing with the Wang Clan after becoming the Sword Son of the Zong Clan.
  • Blood Halberd
  • The Diagram of the Mountains and Rivers
    • Acquired from the green-robed senior’s dream-will inside the dark forest of Chu Country.
    • Landscape Pictograph.
  • Battle Drum (ch-575)
    • A treasure that Qin Wentian got from the second trial of the Immortal Martial Realm that is able to augment his force attacks.
  • Driftsnow City
  • Ancient Cauldron
    • A cauldron that has attack and defensive properties, as well as storage abilities that Qin Wentian got from the City of Ancient Emperors.
  • Golden-Armored King Puppet (ch-273)

Special Powers

Beast Companions / Pets




  • 秦问天 Qin Wentian → 秦Qin is a surname, 问天 Wentian, means asking the sky/asking the heavens.
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