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Qin Mo, do you think that I, Qin Tiangang, am so easily fooled? How much have I given for the sake of the Qin Clan? Yet, the Qin Clan actually killed my son?! What an excellent Qin Clan, you all actually treated my son like this? Is this still my clan? I, Qin Tiangang, actually have such a despicable clan? Qin Ding, your son has now become the Qin Clan Leader. As for my son, he was killed by the Qin Clan. Excellent, what an excellent clan![1]
— Qin Tiangang to Qin Zheng, Qin Mo and the others members of the Qin Clan

The battle god Qin Tiangang was invincible and has never been defeated before. He aided the Qin Clan in conquering vast amounts of territories and his name shook the sky.


He was giving off an aura as mighty as a majestic ocean, like an evergreen tree that stood tall and straight. His headful of black hair fluttered in the wind. The lines on his face were also incomparably clear. The eyes of this man were terrifying to the extreme, as though they contained the myriad of constellations within.  


Their gazes matched, as though crossing through a cycle of samsara. They were seperated by boundless distance but the flute melody of Qu Mo matched their points in space and time together, allowing this man to encounter Qin Wentian here at this moment in the Gods Extinction Path at the end of the Heaven Vault.

It seemed that Qu Mo intentionally sent Qin Wentian and the others here. He only stopped his flute melody after this spacetime was connected to the corridor, he seemed to have the intention of helping Qin Wentian.

When he learned what happenned to his son, Qin Yuanfeng. He was mad with rage and started a fight with all of them. Before Qin Tiangang, even Qin Zheng couldn't withstand a single strike. The power of his divine punishment could directly be swallowed up by Qin Tiangang. This was simply pure dominance. If back then, Qin Tiangang didn't enter the Heaven Vault, the current Qin Clan would undoubtedly reign supreme over all the other hegemonic powers in the Heaven Region. Qin Tiangang alone could fight against countless heavenly deities.

Depending on his strength alone, he fought against all the heavenly deities from the Qin Clan and injured them all, even killing one of them. When Qin Zheng took out that supreme treasure, he could only use that to create an opportunity for them to flee. If not, if they truly clashed head-on, those heavenly deities of the Qin Clan would probably die here today.

Qin Tiangang was actually the same as Qu Mo. In truth, they had already died. They only existed in a spacetime of the past. Qu Mo probably sent him here because he intentionally wanted to allow them to meet.


He was known as a battle god for his combat prowess in the Qin Clan - Qin Tiangang. With Qin Ding. These two were cousins, and were also twin heroes of their generation. Sadly, the heavens are unfair. One of these two legendary characters had an extremely bad ending. Qin Tiangang and his wife had lost their lives while exploring a secret realm. They left behind an orphan who would go on to become a legendary character of the next generation - Qin Yuanfeng.

Back then, he launched punitive expeditions for the Qin Clan and aided the Qin Clan, allowing them to climb to the peak of the Heaven Region. His cultivation base was already high enough, hence he wanted to probe the unknown secrets of the Supreme Ancient Immortal Realms. He went to many places and searched for information that had records of the secret realms in this world. Even for some secret realms that were concealed very well, he managed to find them. And there was one time when he received information that hinted heavily that the Heaven Vault had a very important connection with a legendary figure of the Supreme Ancient Immortal Realms. Hence, he decided to explore this place. This person was from the period of time when the Supreme Ancient Immortal Realms were divided into eight great regions, the first generation king of the Heaven Region, Godking Xi.

His investigations told him that the hometown of Godking Xi was none other than Boundless City that lies beside the Boundless Ocean. Those godkings who stood at the peak of the heavenly deity realm, where did they go? Most probably, they wanted to pursue an even higher cultivation realm. He discovered that the Heaven Vault might have a very high possibility that it had a connection with Godking Xi. Hence, he decided to explore the secrets here, heading deeper into its depths. In any case, many things happened after that.

Blood as a sea, bones as a boat. There are all sorts of negative emotions in the blood sea. What iif that blood sea could have been transformed from the blood of a supreme expert. The bone boats were made from his bones. As to those negative emotions of despair, it should caused by the stray thoughts of the supreme expert's heart. They are not illusions, they are all real. So he had the thought : what if the Heaven Vault is an internal world inside the body of a supreme expert?

Initially, he didn't dare to think about it. But after that, when he came to the Gods Extinction Path, he realized that there are many terrifying types of destructive energy here. In addition, the time and space here would intersect often, causing people to be trapped here for all eternity. This resembled countless memories inside the mind of someone. Every memory existed in a different timespace and each timespace had their own daos here. After he obtained the tiny astral-being, it further confirmed the guesses he had in my heart. The tiny astral-being is like an item transformed from someone's soul, it could control everything here. However, in order to obtain this, he was on my last breath of life. He depended on his will and forcibly broke apart the spacetime He was in to escape but he no longer had the strength to leave this place. He could only wait here in reluctance, until his son, Qin Yuanfeng, came in to find him. When his will entered, he discovered that a complicated world akin to a maze has appeared in the tiny astral-being. There were countless intersecting long corridors and tens of thousands of buildings. Wasn't this the exact scene in Gods Extinction Path? This was why he would have such an audacious conjecture. Sadly, his he was already on the verge of death after he obtained the tiny astral-being. If not, he would definitely be able to exit this place.

This man's divine sense could encapsulate the entire nine heavenly layers. He believe that his cultivation base was already approaching the rumored Transcendence Realm, infinitesimally close to that realm where no one in the Supreme Ancient Immortal Realms had managed to step into before. His ambitions were extremely vast, wanting to occupy the nine heavenly layers for himself. The soul energy he transformed into isn't merely so simple just to cover the constellations in the nine heavenly layers. He wanted to reach a higher point, becoming an existence that surpassed the nine heavenly layers and it seemed that he had almost succeeded. However, Qin Tiangang suspect that he was just a single step away and still failed ultimately. This was why he allowed his body to transform into the Heaven Vault and wanted to wait for people of the later generations to accomplish the ambitions he had, but couldn't achieve.

The tiny astral-being. It was an item that could also store memories. The tiny astral-being itself seemed to be a universe that could contain countless constellations. This was something very similar to his conjectures. Using divine sense to encapsulate the nine heavenly layers, Godking Xi most probably wasn't willing to exist below the nine heavens and wished to become an existence surpassing them.

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