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Qin Kexin is the daughter of Qin Yuanfeng and Luoshen Qianxue as well as Qin Wentian's little sister.


Divine glow could be seen in her eyes, resplendent to the extreme. Her beauty was also unrivalled. What was even more terrifying was that this beauty was actually a powerful heavenly deity. The aura radiating from her would cause ordinary deities to be shocked.

That young woman radiated a divine brilliance. She seemed to be a true goddess, bathing in divine light, so beautiful that everyone who saw her would be breathless. Everyone in the world was only qualified to look up at her and marvel at her beauty.

She was clad in yellow, her raven black hair fluttered in the wind and her fair skin and flawless features were so exquisite that no words in any known languages could describe her beauty. She was extremely beautiful, and even in the perspective of the entire Supreme Ancient Immortal Realms, her beauty belonged to the top-tier. Also, she was a heavenly deity that wasn't weaker than him. Her techniques were also unfathomable and multitudinous. Most probably, only the number one beauty in the nine heavens, the Mystical Maiden of the Nine Heavens Mystic Palace would be comparable to her.


Her personality was cool, proud and aloof. Her personality was like this naturally because of the environment she grew up in. Ever since she was young, she lived in the sealed off Divine Mausoleum. The people there weren't plenty in number and they weren't really talkative. Things were very quiet which further nurtured such a personality in her.


She was first seen when Yue Changkong arrived at the Ends of Supreme Ancient. She had always lives in the secret realm located behind the Suspended Sea at the Ends of Supreme Ancient. Qin Yuanfeng finally allow her to go out and explore the outside world not long after Yue Changkong arrived to this place. She met her brother in chapter 1987.