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The Qin Heavenly Divine Sect is the fourth hegemonic power that was formed in the Heaven Region, It was established by Qin Wentian.[1]

Qin Wentian is the leader of this power.[1]


All the divine palaces were on the water and seemed to be cities floating on the sea. At the end, there were a total of nine majestic cities, they were so vast that they no longer seemed like divine palaces. In fact, they actually resembled a divine empire. Nine divine palaces forming a divine empire. Out of the nine divine palaces, the central one was located directly beneath the Heaven Vault and its tip touched the sky, directly connected to the Heaven Vault's entrance. All nine divine palaces had teleportation formations connecting them to the central palace and they weren't located at the center of their respective palaces, but at the edge instead.

  1. Qiankun Sect
  2. Nine Heavenly Mystical Palace
  3. Demon God Mountain
  4. Luoshen Clan
  5. Battle Saint Tribe
  6. Southern Phoenix Clan
  7. Darknorth Immortal Dynasty
  8. Matriarch Ji's Sect
  9. Myriad Devil Islands

Former Qin Heavenly Divine Sect

The Qin Heavenly Divine Sect was the power formed by Qin Yuanfeng in his second life when he was in Grand Xia.

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