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The heavenly dao is just the dao of humans. The will of humans can triumph over the heavens. I am God, my dao, is the heavenly dao. Why would I need to comprehend 'heavenly dao'? All my life when I was pursuing the dao, I was pursuing the limits of myself. Now that I am a heavenly deity, can't my dao represent the so-called heavenly dao? Isn't it true that my person itself is above the heavenly dao?
— Qin Dangtian expressing his view about the heavenly dao


Has black hair while having dark eyes that are immeasurably deep, resembling the starry space. The contours of his face are extremely clear and is a face that can't be forgotten after a single glance. Has an extraordinary demeanor, as expected of a Heavenly Deity. Just by standing, he gives off the feeling of standing at the peak and peering down impetuously at the rest of the world.


He is named Qin Dangtian, this name was true to its meaning, his parents had the intent of their son shaking the heavens. This young man is now known as heaven's son in the Heaven Region. There's no need to doubt Qin Zheng's strength and this heaven's son has also inherited the talent of his mother and father, even surpassing them. This is what it means to be the son of the heavens. Ever since he was young, he has displayed world-shocking talent. He will do what his name means, his ambition is to shake the heavens, causing them to tremble before his might

One desire to shake the heavens, making them tremble before his might. (Qin Dangtian) Another desire to ask the heavens, only seeking to become the lord of his own destiny. (Qin Wentian) The two of them are in opposition once born and it's destined in life that the two of them would be enemies.

Once, as the Skyorder Heavenly Deity of the Luoshen Clan, Luoshen Yu went to the Qin Clan to seek justice for his sister and brother-in-law. He challenged Qin Zheng and at that time, Qin Dangtian had just recently broken through to the heavenly deity realm. Qin Dangtian took the place of his father and accepted Luoshen Yu challenge. After he defeated him, he crippled his cultivation base and from then on, his fame rocked the world and everyone started calling him heaven's son of the Heaven Region. Everyone praised his talent and said that he was a future godking in the making. The heaven's son, Qin Dangtian, trampled on Luoshen Yu and rose to fame in the eight regions!

Combat Prowess


The path he walked was a different path from all others. He cultivated different daos at the same time and because of his proficiency in them, he was given the title of Heaven's Son by everyone. Qin Dangtian's ninth astral soul was the Absolute Beginning Astral Soul, the dao he comprehended was the Absolute Beginning Dao.


  • Divine Barrier : His divine barrier can absorb the energy the enemy attack and rebound it back: The amount of power, the number of daos fusing together made it so that his divine barrier was a tool of offense and defense. Note : This is this attack that crippled Luoshen Yu.

Astral Souls

Absolute Beginning Astral Soul  : This was an astral soul that came from the 9th heavenly layer, something he condensed after he became a heavenly deity. It was also his final astral soul. This astral soul didn't take on any form, it was vastly different compared to the other astral souls. To describe it, this astral soul was like an extremely bright screen of light, there were countless ancient words engraved on the screen that seemed to have originated from the primordial era, no longer existing in this era. The ancient words changed unceasingly as new words manifested now and then. Each of these words radiated a feeling of transcendence.

Strengh : The Absolute Beginning Heavenly Dao, the sword intent from it was actually able to undergo self-evolution and the manifestation of it seemed endless, becoming increasingly stronger. It was terrifying because it could evolve and continuously grow stronger. It could absorb the force of ten thousand daos in the heavens and earth until the might in each sword beam became overwhelming. Terrifying strands of sword intent surrounded the sword region around the opponent and now, the time factor in the entire surrounding the sword region was in, actually began to warp. The Absolute Beginning Sword Dao borrowed the dao enemy to produce an even stronger sword dao that included aspects of his dao within. His Absolute Beginning Astral Soul had the power to evolve all laws, he could even absorb the attacks of others.


Qin Wentian met him for the first time when Qin Dangtian went to the Heavenly Dao Sacred Academy under the pretext of speaking dao and exchanging pointers with heavenly deities of the academy. He challenged the heavenly deities of the sacred academy and the three heavenly deities there all admitted that they were inferior to him. He tried to force them to say that their dao is wrong, everyone can only be allowed to have the same opinions as him. No one could go against his thoughts.

His true purpose in going to the Heavenly Dao Sacred Academy was because he wanted to enter that legendary place inside there. Only that place contained attraction for a character like him, Heaven's Son. Given that the three heavenly deities of the sacred academy were inferior to him, would Qin Dangtian even need to enter there and ask them about the dao? However, for that legendary place, since ancient times to now, who had the qualifications to enter? Will the headmaster of the sacred academy allow Qin Dangtian to enter there?

But the Heamaster chose to refuse him the entry to that place. He was was too overly arrogant and had no regards for anything in his eyes except himself. He didn't permit others to disagree with his opinion, even for those who had comprehensions different from his regarding the heavenly dao. If the sacred academy was to permit you to enter the legendary place, that would be nothing but a calamity. So vilified and humiliated the Heavenly Dao Sacred Academy, that they are undeserving of their reputation, that they are simply fooling the world and usurping a good name and was accumulating their strength and building up their foundation. So he ssaid that the Heavenly Dao Sacred Academy shouldn't exist and should disband.

He was Defeated by Qin Wentian on his wedding day and was about to be killed by him if not for the Qin Clan interfering.[1]

After that Qu Nichang refused him by saying 'Back then i got abducted by Qin Wentian and experienced some things (That's a Lie). Hence, he came here for me today. I know I have let the Qin Clan down. I’m sorry. Let’s forget all about this wedding.' giving him yet another even greater setback.[2]

In the end he let him self be devoured by Yue Changkong so that he can take his revenge.


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