An old man who exuded a celestial air with a headful of white hair. His entire being radiated an ethereal sense. He was someone from the same era as the ancient emperors. He was a character that has been alive for countless years!

With the Battle Saint Bone integrated

His hair turned blacker and his muscles were more taut. There was even a layer of faint jade-white luster underneath his skin. The lines on his face also grew clearer as he seemed to have gotten younger. His aura was changing even now. Within Qi Yu's body, a word of power appeared. This word was the word for 'battle.' It was like a rune that contained the power of the great dao. His eyes were like lightning, countless times sharper compared to in the past. Just merely standing there, he resembled a god of battle, unexcelled in the world.


The master of the God Hand Mountain Manor is an immortal emperor character who is extremely skilled in archery. His name is Emperor Yu, and he is someone who rarely cares about things happening in the immortal realms, choosing to roam the world by himself and to cultivate alone. He is quite a fascinating character and stands aloof from worldly affairs. The Mountain Manor accepted several followers and Emperor Yu guided many cultivators who were proficient in archery, yet he didn't accept any disciples. Many in the immortal realms are indebted to him and he is known to all as a kindly old man. And because his cultivation base was so high, there would rarely be people who want to disturb his peace.


Cultivation Realm Stage Chapter
Immortal Emperor Peak 1060
Empyrean 1748
World Overlord 1812
Heavenly Deity 1934


  • Battle Saint Art


Divine Weapons

  • Feather Divine Arrow


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