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Purgatory is one of the two demonic beast companion of Qin Wentian. It’s a spirit birthed from ancient luck that obtained a true body by devouring others in the Ancient Kingdom of Grand Xia.


Vermilion Bird Appearance

The tip of its fiery golden wings seemed to shine with a dark scarlet light, that gave it a sense of terrible beauty, further increasing its appearance of majesty. The demonic beast had a total of nine tails, with an incomparably immense body size. Its eyes had an incredible sharpness to it, able to see through others.

Human Appearance

A beautiful young lady. Her body was clad in purgatory armor, appearing full of energy and vitality. Her figure was flaming hot, exuding a demonic charm as well as hints of icy intent, causing people not to dare to stare at her directly.[1]


Purgatory Vermilion Bird is the entity from formation world’s Vermilion Bird which was granted to Qin Wentian as a reward for attaining platinum robes in his 3rd trial. It will continue to grow stronger alongside its master. It’s a spirit birthed from ancient luck that obtained a true body by devouring others. Its loyalty to its master is to such an extent that if Qin Wentian wishes it to die it will do so without even a thought.


Cultivation Realm Level Chapter
Yuanfu Realm 1st 351
Celestial Phenomenon 9th 970
Immortal Foundation 1st 1009
Immortal Foundation 6th 1218
Demon King Initial 1420
Demon King Middle 1492
Empyrean 1752
World Overlord 1812
Demon God 2003

Innate Abilities

  • Ignition : Similar to Qin Wentian's bloodline ability.


  • She could transform into human form after breaking through to immortality.[2]
  • Qin Wentian could communicate with Purgatory with some form of telepathy. [3]