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Every members had a transcendent aura, all of them were buddhist cultivators.  There are many supreme great daos in the Buddhist Sect that contain unfathomable abilities far exceeding imaginations. For example, karma, reincarnation and samsara, the past, the future. Their daos are all extremely fearsome.

In this pureland, the Buddhist Sect was something everyone believed in, channeling their faith into it. Everyone in this great region was a cultivator of the buddhist path. They believed in the buddha dao. Over here, there was no social ranking to differentiate the classes of humans. Everyone was equal. However, the people here all revered and respected reverends with great attainments in the buddha path. These reverends to them, were all people of virtue and prestige, everyone worshipped them.

Naturally, those with the greatest talent in the buddhist path were all cultivating in the western paradise of the Pureland of Bliss. Even buddha lords were there. Only true reverends with high enough attainments in the buddha dao had the qualifications to enter the western paradise. Other than them, disregarding their current strength, those with exceedingly high potential would also be recommended by the Buddhist Sect to enter the western paradise. Other than them, no one else could enter the western paradise. Naturally, an existence like the Grim Reaper was an exception. Back then when he descended, dark clouds covered the western world, casting the entire Pureland of Bliss into darkness. The western paradise was covered up as well.

Buddhist Sects

Bodhi Temple

The Bodhi Temple was one of the Buddhist Sects in the Pureland of Bliss. They had consummate knowledge about the buddha path and was widely respected by people in the Pureland of Bliss. The monks in the Bodhi Temple were all monks that believed in the concept of suffering. In fact, there were even some buddha lords in the western paradise that originated from the Bodhi Temple. Hence, this particular Buddhist Temple was extremely famous. The old monk that was the abbot of the Bodhi Temple had very high attainments in the buddha dao. He was extremely kind and this was something everyone knew about. Countless people were impressed by him. If it wasn't for the fact that the old monk's talent in cultivation was slightly inferior, he would have already become a heavenly deity in the western paradise.


The western world was actually the main culprit behind the destruction of Ancient Azure Mystic in the past. In addition, their goal was to dominate the entire Supreme Ancient Immortal Realms, making everyone in this universe follow the buddhist path. From then on, they could collect the faith energy of the multitude of lives and achieve transcendence.