She's Qing`er's blood-related aunt, the younger sister of the Evergreen Immortal Emperor. Her imperial title was Princess Changping.


The person in the lead was a white-robed female beauty, appearing in her early thirties. Not only was she beautiful, her aura was transcendent as well. Regardless of her fair, white skin or her lithe figure, everything could be said to be perfect.

Princess Changping was someone who was wise and farsighted. Since Qing`er had directly brought this young man here and was walking side by side with him, with only the distance of a step between them, she naturally could already infer several things from this. She understood her niece very well, and there was no way ordinary men would stand a chance, let alone be allowed so close to her. And now that her niece had brought this person here, the meaning was clear without words.

Her gaze studied Qin Wentian, seemingly as though it was capable of seeing right through his heart. She was truly very curious as to what kind of man was qualified enough to receive the adoration and love of her dear niece, Qing`er.


  • Pincess Changping's name can also stand for Princess Everpeace. 
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