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The Emperor Pill Palace is a Transcendent Power of the Moon Continent of Grand Xia, they are introduced when Mo Qingcheng gets attacked by Hua Xiaoyun and is taken away to save her, taking her in as a disciple by the Pill Emperor's daughter, Luo He at the same time.


The Pill Emperor Hall was one of the transcendent powers residing in the Moon Continent. It had witnessed countless eras of history and its position and status had never wavered, regardless of whatever storms rocked the Grand Xia Empire. Among all the transcendent powers in Chu, the Pill Emperor Hall was ranked as the fifth strongest.

Maybe in terms of raw power, the Pill Emperor Hall did not have the qualifications to be ranked fifth. But because of its uniqueness, during chaotic clashes of power between the transcendent powers, nobody had ever been willing to act against the Pill Emperor Hall before.

The Pill Emperor Hall occupied the central region in the Moon Continent. Over there, were several ancient-looking pavilions and buildings that projected a majestic and celestial air. People passing by would inevitably shift their gazes over, as expressions of envy and admiration could be seen reflected on their features.

Occasionally, there would be young male and female cultivators exiting the Pill Emperor Hall. Their faces were all full of pride, emanating a faint hint of arrogance that indicated their feelings of superiority over others. Within the Pill Emperor Hall, in the middle of their majestic buildings, there was a towering sky-high platform.

After the fall of Ancient Grand Xia, they possessed the Seal of Life and Death, one of the Nine Ultimate Arts of Grand Xia.



Right at the back of all the palaces and halls, there was a forbidden gate where no one was permitted to enter. Over there, there were many powerful experts guarding the gate. Within that gate, the celestial qi pervading the air was magnified, transformed into a dense mist. This caused several of the Pill Emperor Hall’s disciples to sigh in desire. The legends has it that this place was the sacred place of the Pill Emperor Hall, purely for the current Saintess of the sect to use for her baptism. After the ritual, the celestial qi exuding from the Saintess would be more intense and her talent would be even stronger, causing countless to hold her in reverence. However, the Pill Emperor Hall had an ironclad rule. Once one enters into the sacred ground of their sect. In this life, in all eternity, they would be the people of Pill Emperor Hall, unable to marry outside, living and dying in the sect.

The sacred Pill Emperor Hall was actually built upon a mountain range - a sea of corpses and skeletons. This mountain range exuded an overwhelming stench of death that originated from the ancient bones buried for all eternity underneath. Other than this terrifying scene, there were numerous stone platforms scattered around with several white-robed youthful females sitting cross legged upon it. What’s weird was that all of these white robe females had beauty that would stir the heavens, yet their expressions all seemed a little weird, sluggish.. and somewhat lifeless.And right smack in the middle of these white-robed females, there was a set of skeletal remains that emitted a red glow akin to the fluctuations of life.


They went into seclusion (430) after Qin Wentian killed his way up for Mo Qingcheng but failed and both were rescued but separated.

Three other Ascendants from the Pill Emperor Hall, with two of them at the second level of Celestial Phenomenon and one at the first level (459)

Later, Qin Wentian returned and finished the Pill Emperor Hall for ever.