The phoeroc race was an extremely powerful demonic race, with the bloodlines of the great rocs and phoenixes. The phoeroc race is one of the strongest demonic races in the desolate mountains.


These demons had bright red wings and radiated a king aura. These demons were birthed when a phoenix mates with a roc.


It was rumored that the sky rocs and phoenixes have always been in opposition, the two races always in violent collision. However, under a stroke of fate, a powerful sky roc actually mated together with a powerful phoenix, giving birth to the first generation Phoeroc. This Phoeroc was hunted down by experts of the two races, and fled to the great wilderness, almost dying many times. However, when it matured, it actually possessed the abilities of the two races, and defeated the experts of both races, becoming a unique existence which eventually united the two races. There were naturally a few remnants who refused to follow him, and these remnants became the Sky Roc Race of the immortal realms.


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