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A young lady clad in an orange-colored skirt. She exuded an innate arrogance and a sense of nobility, like that of a high-up, unreachable princess. Her snow-white skin and beautiful features further accentuated her unattainable status, alleviating her above the common crowd.

This young lady was only around eighteen years of age, and had a cultivation base at the fifth level of Yuanfu. She was brimming with a vitality akin to the blazing sun, and the proud look in her eyes immediately caused those around her to feel a sense of distance from her.

Even her fiery ember-steed had a pair of wings adorning its back. Everything about this young lady was beyond ordinary. It was obvious that her status in the Ouyang Clan was far beyond the two young cultivators and even that Heavenly Dipper Sovereign who had been sent out to Qiyun for recruitment earlier.


Because she lost a spar against Fan Le, she wanted to sever one of his arm. Qin Wentian pissed forced her to apology by making her kneel in front of Fatty. After that Ouyang Kuangsheng appeared and managed the situation. Qin Wentian got no punishment. She never felt so humiliated in her life. In her own home she was humiliated by an outsider.


Cultivation Progress Chapter
5th Yuanfu Realm 306
6th Yuanfu Realm 323